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History of the FA Cup from 1871 to 1897

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-05-12 12:29:10

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This article below was published, more precisely on 12/04/1897, right after the exceptional battle, for the FA Cup final 1897, between then two of the greatest teams of all time: Aston Villa F.C. & Everton F.C. More precisely, the unknown author commented on the history of the cup; including the decline of Blackburn Olympic, the the teams with most final ties, the team with most consecutive wins — Blackburn Rovers F.C. — and other interesting points.
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The competition has long since attained its majority, Saturday's game being the twenty-sixth of the series. For eleven years it was won by Southern clubs. In 1863 the Blackburn Olympic succeded in accomplishing what the Rovers of the same town had failed to do in the previous year, and by gaining a very fortunate victory over the Old Etonians took the cup to the provinces for the first time.
Since that time no Southern club has ever got into the final. The effort was apparently too much for the Olympic, and the club began to steadily decline until it ceased to exist some eleven years ago. The Olympia's glory was completely eclipsed by the success of the Blackburn Rovers, which rivalled the performances of the Wanderers by winning the Cup in three consecutive years.
Since then the Blackburn team has been victorious on two other occasions, making five in all. Curiously enough the Wanderers also won five times. The Old Etonians, West Bromwich Albion, and Aston Villa have twice held the trophy. The Old Etonias and Blackburn Rovers have competed in the largest number (six) of final ties, the Wanderers and West Bromwich Albion next with give, followed by the Royal Engineers, Oxford University, and Aston Villa with four apiece, Wolverhampton Wanderers three times, Sheffield Wednesday, Preston North End, Everton, Queen's Park, and Clapham Rovers twice.
Queen's Park is the only Scotch club that has got into the ultimate stage, which it did twice, each time being beaten by the Blackburn Rovers. The Scotsmen were very unlucky, and their want of success was much regretted by the public. Aston Villa have now won the Cup three times, and been in the final four times. On the last occasion of their success they added to their reputation by losing it altogether. The present trophy is of the same value and as insignificant as the first. Blackburn Rovers won the Cup outright in 1886, but returned it to the Association, and a special trophy was awarded for the third consecutive win.