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Hugo Meisl, 1934: Mr. Pozzo, attention!

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Mr. Pozzo, attention!
Hugo Meisl | 20/09/1934

Saturday, September 22 will take place in Vienna, at the headquarters of the Austrian Federation, the final conference of the 1934 Central European Cup.
From what we can see and hear, all the four national federations will decide in favor of the participation of four teams per country according to the desires and ambitions of their first division clubs.
In addition Italy will attempt a reform of the statutes with regard to the employment of neutral referees, respectively from countries which do not take part in the Central European Cup competition.
The English Federation has offered Italy the date of November 14 to play the international match.
Due to certain difficulties in the program of the Italian championship, and naturally due to the insufficient condition of the players, after six weeks of the championship, the Italian Federation addressed itself to that of England with a request to hand over the dates from November 14 to 30. We can assume that the young secretary of the English Federation, Mr. Rons, who is less conservative than the old Sir Frederick Wall, will support the Italian proposal and that the Italy-England match will take place on November 30 at Highbury. THE TASK OF MR. POZZO
Italy's sole coach, Pozzo, will have a much more difficult and complicated task this time around than other times.To form a team, the wisest against the powerful team of England, he will no longer be able to rely entirely, as he has done so far, on the team of four times champions of Italy , that is to say on Juventus, of the hometown, Turin. He will no longer be able to ignore the great qualities of Bologna, which found itself in such magnificent condition during the Central European Cup.
Apart from the defense, Gianni, Monzeglio and Gaspari; the halves, Montesanto, Donati, Corsi, the two Uruguayan insiders, Fedullo (left) and Sansone (right), the famous centre-forward of the national team, Schiavio and the right winger Maini. There is the magnificent left winger Reguzzoni who scored three goals in the second leg against Admira in Bologna and who must be considered the most effective left winger on the continent, at least for the moment. There is only one voice in Italy: during the three months, during the quays Bologna outclassed opponents of international class, like Bocskay, Rapid, FerencvĂ¡ros and Admira, Reguzzoni surpassed Orsi. Reguzzoni's aggregate score in this year's Central European Cup against the aforementioned formidable opponents; ten goals qualify this Bolognese left winger as the most effective winger in the modern game on the continent.