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Jean Eskenazi's comments before the World Cup 1938 Final

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Jean Eskenazi | 19/06/1938

The World Cup, the success of which has surpassed all expectations, will experience its apotheosis tomorrow in Colombes. Italy and Hungary will be in the fight and the logic is thus respected. These are two outstanding teams, stars of world football, and for whom the Cup was a confirmation of their value, much more than a revelation.
The two formations did not take the same route to reach Colombes.
Hungary went via Longchamp, while Italy went via Auteuil, if I dare use an equestrian cliché.
Hear by this that the Magyars had a very flat end, while the transalpine on the contrary, had an obvious tired course and they were strewn with obstacles.
Assuredly they will lead to having enthusiasm to spare, one pays at the end of too repeated efforts.
The final therefore promises to be much more favorable to Hungary than to Italy and we will not forget one element that will weigh heavily in the balance: this ambition of the Magyars to finally defeat an opponent who was often very happy against them.
This revenge, the Hungarians have been waiting and hoping for it for a long time and if Italy wins the World Cup for the second time in a row, it means that they will truly be the strongest.
But let's not lose the condoctoral thread of the event and remember that the World Cup is the Cup, and that in a Cup final the slightest incident takes on capital importance: a bad whistle, untimely nervousness.
It is not besides with the French spectators that it is necessary to underline the character of such a meeting. They know his vibe too well. SÁROSI AND PIOLA
However, let us return to more technical considerations.
The two defenses must be valid. More power and authority with Korányi and Biró, less flexibility with Foni and Rava.
The two middle lines are not far from being equal, either. But if Andreolo is over, Turay, Lázár and Szalay easily restore the balance.
The two attacks have an opposite style.
The transalpine wingers — especially Colaussi — are in the British note, while Sas and Titkós are fine players with excellent ball handling.
Finally, Meazza and Ferrari are now nothing more than constructors. While Zsengellér is an insider of rare efficiency and Toldi, who plays further back, is a powerful shooter whose shots from 30 meters have often reached the goal.
Sárosi and Piola remain. The first is a complete distributor. His finesse, his skill, his art of dribbling have deceived many defenses and if he does not always benefit directly, his partners feast.
Piola is a fighter, a wrestler who fights for 90 minutes without getting discouraged, managing early to find a day.
The openings on the wings are clear and the problem - in my opinion - is the following: will the Sárosi-Zsengellér tandem prevail over Piola and the two formidable transalpine wingers?
We noticed against Sweden that the two Hungarian full-backs tended to play a little in the middle of the field and that the half-backs, who are above all attacking half-backs, let go of their wingers quite often.
Colaussi and Biavati are men not to let go of a sole.
All things considered, I think Hungary will beat Italy tomorrow.
She knows she has a unique opportunity to erase all the disappointments felt in front of the Italians for a few years and she does not want to miss it, and it is perhaps impressed by that that I see Hungary succeeding Italy on the list of winners of the third World Cup.