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Eskenazi, 1938: Some comments before the World Cup Final

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Jean Eskenazi | 19/06/1938

Dr. György Sárosi: I'm looking forward to this World Cup final with great anticipation. We have often met the Italians in recent years. We never had the minimum of luck. Both in Italy and in Budapest.
» I hope that this time fortune will smile on us, or that failing that it will be neutral and that we will take the revenge we have been hoping for for 4 years. Revenge is possible. The Italians are much weaker than at the last World Cup...
» The Hungarian team is currently in excellent condition and I am hopeful.
» As for me, never happy in Paris as a centre-forward. You can believe that I will try to surpass myself.
* * *
Guillermo Stábile: I believe in Italy's victory because their technique is almost perfect and in the big circumstances their willpower is theirs. her tenacity and her energy are precious auxiliaries for her.
» What impresses me is Italy's victory over Brazil, which I consider to be an adversary of the highest class, and I don't forget, moreover, that for a long time the Hungarians have not been able beat the Italians.
* * *
John Langenus: It is very rare that, in an international competition on the scale of a World Cup, forecasts based on logic and on the possibilities of each of the countries involved come true.
» The 1938 World Cup is one such exception. Before June 4, 1938, all connoisseurs predicted an Italy-Hungary final. It has come true. This is proof that logic in football is not a dead letter.
» I will not make a prediction. It's not my role.
» But I would like to wish good luck and great success to my French colleague Capdeville. I wish him complete success.
» And I have only one regret. Of not being able to be his assistant as linesman.
» I would have done everything in my power to help him effectively.
» May the task be light to him!
* * *
Otto Schimetschek: The "K.-O.-system" between the 16 nations of the decisive round led to the final two teams who have known each other for many years. As a result, each of the finalists knows the opponent's system of play and tactics. This circumstance will prevent a great surprise; on the other hand, it foreshadows a prudent struggle between two great adversaries who have a habit.
» Hungary will have to play much better against the fast Azzuri and above all much more precise, if they want to take advantage of an opportunity to win the World Cup this time.
» The tactics of the two teams are so different, that the public will have a particular pleasure.
» I hope the players will make the task of referee Capdeville easy, so as to make this final the culmination of this formidable organization that is the World Cup.
* * *
François Konya: The World Cup final between the Italians and the Hungarians will be a fiercely contested game.
» As the technical qualities of the two teams are equal, the decisive factor of the match will be found in the moral, physical and tactical qualities.
» The team which presents itself in the best physical condition with the greatest combativeness, and which employs the best tactics will win.
» The Hungarian team will show up in the best condition, and if the tactic chosen by the Hungarians is successful, the Hungarian team has the best chance of winning.
* * *
Jules Berman:Italy always benefits from fortune. But I fear that this time Hungary will supplant them. The Hungarians want to win, and they have nothing to lose.
» I believe in their victory by 3 to 2.
* * *
Edmond Delfour: My prediction is in favor of the Italians. The Hungarians were hot against the Swedes, but the opposition was nil, so to speak.
» If I predict the Italians, it's because their defense and their central triplet are really top notch.