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Ring Café Rankings: Mitropa Cup 1935

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-05-23 14:29:13

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Frigyes Becske | 31/07/1935, Vienna

With the break-up of Austria from the cup fights, the off-season of football in Vienna has begun. The events of the weeks before the cup final directly excite only the Hungarian and Czechoslovak football societies. The cup year is over for Austria and Italy. Regular guests of the Ring Café can go on holiday. Perhaps the holiday after a lot of excitement is really in a hurry for them, at least for the speed with which they have already prepared this year's balance sheet of Mitropa Cup's usual ranking, which looks like this:
BEST TEAMS 1. Ferencváros, 2. Sparta, 3. Austria, 4. Juventus, 5. Hungária, 6. Slavia, 7. Ambrosiana, 8. Admira, 9. Židenice, 10. Fiorentina.
* * *
BEST PLAYERS Goalkeepers: 1. Zöhrer (Austria), 2. Klenovec (Sparta), 3. Palinkás (Szeged), 4. Plánička (Slavia), 5. Platzer (Admira). Full-backs: 1. Sesta (Austria), 2. Burgr (Sparta), 3. Rainer (Vienna), 4. Mándi (Hungária), 5. Rosetta (Juventus). Wing half-backs: 1. Lázár (Ferencváros), 2. Lyka (Ferencváros), 3. Nausch (Austria), 4. Machu (Vienna), 5. Košťálek (Sparta). Centre half-backs: 1. Móré (Ferencváros), 2. Bouček (Sparta), 3. Szücs (Újpest), 4. Hofmann (Vienna), 5. Mock (Austria). Inside forwards: 1. Nejedlý (Sparta), 2. Toldi (Ferencváros), 3. Ferrari (Juventus), 4. Kiss (Ferencváros), 5. Stroh (Austria). Centre-forwards: 1—2 Braine (Sparta) and Sárosi (Ferencváros), 3. Sindelar (Austria), 4. Meazza (Ambrosiana), 5. Průša (Židenice).
* * *
BEST REFEREES 1. Klug (Hungary), 2. Mattea (Italy), 3. Frankenstein (Austria), 4. Pfutzner(Czechoslovakia), 5. Barlassina (Italy).
* * *
CENTRAL EUROPE TEAMS Team I.: Zöhrer — Burgr, Sesta — Wagner, Móré, Lázár — Zischek, Meazza, Sárosi, Toldi, Reguzzoni. Team II.: Klenovec — Rosetta, Rainer — Košťálek, Bouček, Nausch — Táncos, Braine, Sindelar, Ferrari, Kemény.
* * *
REVENUE RANKING 1. Austria (150.000 schillings, 100.000 spectators in 4 matches in Vienna!). 2. Sparta (70.000 spectators in three matches in Prague). 3. Ferencváros (52.000 spectators in three matches in Budapest).
Isaque Argolo: The topic CENTRAL EUROPE TEAMS is not only related to the Mitropa Cup. For example, Karl Zischek, of Wacker A.C., was selectioned, but W.A.C did not even classified for Mitropa Cup — edition 1935. Another example is the fact that Oldřich Nejedlý was classified as a better inside forward than Géza Toldi in the Mitropa Cup, but Toldi took place as inside left in overall season.