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December 1932: Jean Eskenazi interviews Matthias Sindelar

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-02-05 11:55:39

Data providers: Isaque Argolo.
While Sindelar moved with his comrades to the United Kingdom, to play against England, FK Austria were having a tour in Paris. The team was mixed, without their stars. After the 4-3 result, while the group headed for Brussels via Oistend, Sindelar and Mock went to Paris to play the last match of the tour, which was against an Amateur XI of Paris. A day before that match, Jean Eskenazi asked him a few superficial questions. However, before the questions, Eskenazi wrote a few things regarding Sindelar's personality and even Alex James, the main star of the great 1929-1935 Arsenal. He wrote:
We went to pay him a little visit this morning.
Sindelar was rested both from his match and his injury.
He still had that tortured and sickly air, that olive complexion that almost makes you doubt that you are in front of one of the brains of world football, the only player who can stand the comparison with Alec James.
Sindelar is very gentle, very discreet. Rarely does he smile, he always seems to be chasing, looking for new tactics. His great passion is the game of chess, and when he pushes the pieces off the chessboard he certainly assimilates them in his mind to the players of his team.
Sindelar was still recovering from the match against England. However, even though he was tired, he conceded a quick interview to Eskenazi. The French journalist started:
— Satisfied with the game?
Sindelar: Yes. We showed England a new school.
— How old are you?
Sindelar: 28 years.
— Have you always played for FK Austria?
Sindelar: Always. Two years ago my club was in financial trouble. Slavia Prague wanted to buy me. It was a very interesting affair for me. I refused. I preferred to stay loyal to my club.
— Is FK Austria a good team?
Sindelar: You can enjoy it tomorrow. You will tell me news of Mock, our centrehalf, who is worthy of the three players of our coverage line who did wonders in London.
After these questions, Sindelar and Mock went to a walk in the streets of Paris. They were preparing for last match which FK Austria would play in France.
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