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Becske's comments on Bolton Wanderers-Vienna, 1925

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— 15.000 people — Referee: Retschury —
Frigyes Becske | 16/05/1925, Vienna

England won back the sympathy of the Viennese crowd with a good and fair game — Centre-half Hofmann was brilliant for Vienna.

In an absolutely fair manner, the excellent English professional team played a classically beautiful game in their second match in Vienna on Thursday. How free from roughness the match was is vividly demonstrated by the fact that the superbly refereed Reiseburg awarded a total of three free kicks to both teams.
The game started dull, but by the end of the first quarter of an hour the English were getting into the game and, to the delight of an initially cold and reserved crowd, they finally finished the match to enthusiastic applause.
The best of the Bolton team were Vizard and Jack, who had a wonderful technique and speed, and J. South and Butler, who were impeccable in the forward line, while R. Smith, playing as centre-forward, was poor. At centre-half Seddon was still crying from the crash he had suffered in the first match, and in his place Nuttall was only partially satisfied. In defence, the reserves Feeny and goalkeeper Pym produced a sensational game.
Vienna could not find a footing at first, only the 19-year-old centre-half Hofmann surprised everyone with his great play. Hofmann will certainly be the one to take over in the near future. Hugo Meisl will soon be able to take the burden off the shoulders of the Austrian national team's standard centre-half. Rainer and Blum have proved to be very weak in defence. In the forward line, Ryba was the only one to satisfy, while Kálmán Konrád and Gschweidl were too slow.
The first goal came from Vizard's run in the 27th minute of the first half, when a ball with wonderful precision was headed in safely by J. Smith.
In the 2nd minute of the second half, a Jack—Buttler—J. Smith combination set up the second goal, which Smith again put into the Vienna's net.
In the 5th minute, Vizard breaks through with the greatest of ease and his centre is converted into a goal by Jack. The fourth goal was the reward for Vizard's superb individual run, breakthrough and shot, which was greeted by a roar of applause from the crowd.
With victory now assured for England, the tempo of the game eased and here and there Vienna had more of a say. In the 27th minute, Seidl made a run and his well-placed ball was headed into the goal by Ryba. Three minutes later Ryba scores the second and the last goal of the match.