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István Pluhár: József Braun

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József Braun
István Pluhár | Published by Stefan Pluhár in 1977

Braun József (Braun Csibi), MTK - Braun started his career at VAC. From there he transferred to MTK at the request of Alfred Brüll. He was not yet 18 when he played for the great MTK and the Hungarian national team.
He played in a line with Braun - Molnár - Orth - Schlosser - Jeny. He was a lightning fast and good winger. He was excellent at running with the ball and always got it to his partner in the best position in front of goal. He had an eye for his passes. He was not only a master of crosses, but also of scoring goals. He played Europe and America into his hands. He was the greatest right winger of all time. He was modest in game and in life.
His trust in people caused his early death. He refused protection during the persecution of the Jews, allowed himself to be dragged off and ended his successful life in the German death camps.