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István Pluhár: György Orth

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György Orth
István Pluhár | Published by Stefan Pluhár in 1977

György Orth, MTK - The greatest personality of Hungarian football. Molnár - Orth - Schlosser was and still is an internal trio concept in Hungarian football.
Orth came from Vasas to MTK as a youth player. He was a youth national team player at a young age and was very soon selected for the national team. He was an educated, intelligent man, an English correspondent at a bank in Pest. He read and wrote in three languages.
He was a ball juggler. He did what he wanted with the ball when he played. He was a skilful passer, an excellent passer. He was equally dangerous with his head and his feet. He always respected his teammates and opponents. He was a team player.
His individual performances were admired by all. On 8 September 1925 in Vienna, in a friendly match, he was seriously injured in a clash with the Austrian full-back. He twisted his knee completely, which in many cases is worse than a broken leg. He recovered with difficulty and then was unable to regain his old form. MTK later sidelined him. In desperation, he requested a transfer to FC Buda 11, and from there to Bocskay in Debrecen and then to South America. He coached football in South America. He wanted to return to Hungary in the 1960s. On the way he received a glowing offer in Portugal. He wanted to coach there for another year. After a few months, he had a heart attack while sitting on the bench and died within hours. He was buried in Porto with great condolences.