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István Pluhár: Alfréd Schaffer

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Alfréd Schaffer
István Pluhár | Published by Stefan Pluhár in 1977

Schaffer Alfréd, FTC, MTK, BAK, TATA and finally abroad.- Schaffer (Spéci) reached his peak at a time when Schlosser was a cult in Hungary. It was not only Schlosser's greatness, but also the raging First World War that delayed his development.
His restless and troubled life is best evidenced by the fact that he played for all the big Hungarian clubs. As serious as he was on the pitch, he was as joking in life. He was only serious for 90 minutes of the game. He played hard and manly, but never rough. He was a selfless partner. He kicked accurately at goal from 20 meters. He kicked the ball over the wooden hoop hanging on the goalpost when he wanted to.
He visited Vienna, Prague, Munich, Basel and many other big European cities. He lived a sporting life, which enabled him to play even at the age of 40. He had a defective eye, and yet he saw everything on the pitch better than anyone blessed with two good eyes. He married the daughter of a café owner in Munich to indulge his passion for billiards. It was billiards that made him turn his back on football.