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István Pluhár: József Takács II.

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József Takács II.
István Pluhár | Published by Stefan Pluhár in 1977

József Takács II., Vasas, FTC — kis Taki — Little Taki —, one of the Takács brothers. He played for Vasas when MTK and FTC were competing for him. At the time, his brother Géza was the defensive pillar of Fradi. Through the intervention of Géza Takács, kis Taki was also transferred to Üllői út.
Jóska Takács II. was a real forward. He had an excellent sense for the expected good balls, which he always scored. For this reason, he was nicknamed the lynchpin by the bad guys. During the game, he could almost feel the unpredictable path of the ball. He didn't like to score great goals, but he scored plenty of great ones. He was a serial goalscorer.
He was one of the brave players. His courage came at a price. In a match in Szombathely, Sabaria goalkeeper Weinhard broke his leg. He recovered quickly from his serious injury and regained his excellent form. His selflessness and love of friendship went hand in hand with his human kindness. — In a 1927 Hungarian-French match he scored six goals on his own.