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István Pluhár: Dr. György Sárosi

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Dr. György Sárosi
István Pluhár | Published by Stefan Pluhár in 1977

Dr. György Sárosi, FTC — He was the longest and brightest shining star of Hungarian football. It was thanks to his refined playing intelligence that he was never seriously injured during his long playing days. He had manly physical strength, but he was clever and inimitable in avoiding confrontations. Even if someone had tried to kick him, he could not have done it.
He was an example of a player with a refined sense. He played wonderfully both as centre-half and as a centre-forward. He could go from defence to immediate attack. He was constantly on the move, "showing himself" to his teammates. He was a selfless, generous player who was dangerous on the opponent's goal.
After Kalmár, he was the best Hungarian player in terms of headers. He played in the European national team (1937), he was also the captain of the European team. In the Hungarian-Czechoslovak match on 19 September that year, he scored seven goals into the net of the world famous Plánička.
The epitome of human modesty, he was the most beloved player in Hungarian football. He played spectacularly, but he used all his skills to help his team win. His younger brother Béla Sárosi III. also played for Fradi. Béla Sárosi was a manly player of huge stature, he was one of our best attacking half-backs. His free kicks hissed, shards fell from the goal post for a long time if he hit him. Opponents were reluctant to “line up” against his kicks.
Dr. György and Béla Sárosi left Hungary with official permission. György Sárosi lives in Italy, Béla Sárosi in Spain.