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István Pluhár: Ferenc Deák

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Ferenc Deák
István Pluhár | Published by Stefan Pluhár in 1977

Ferenc Deák, Szentlőrinci AC., FTC, Újpest. - Elemér Berkessy, now living in Barcelona, taught Bamba the ABC of football. He wanted to make Deák a goalkeeper, but he became the enemy of goalkeepers. A strong young man of 185 cm, his robust physique always aimed for the opponent's goal. He shot at goal from every position, half of which went either over or wide, but he never missed from a safe position. In a match between Honvéd and Dózsa, Deák saved Öcsi Puskás' penalty kick as a substitute goalkeeper. He received a huge ovation from the crowd.
Fradi got him for a one-floor house. Later he left Fradi and joined Újpesti Dózsa. He became very fond of the police uniform, after many unforgettable football successes he made the Pest outlaws harmless. He must have made a good police officer.
Deák scored the most goals in a league season in the Hungarian championships. His record has yet to be broken.