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István Pluhár: László Cseh II.

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László Cseh II.
István Pluhár | Published by Stefan Pluhár in 1977

László Cseh II. (Matyi Cseh), MTK — He fell in love with football on the grounds of Óbuda. There are not many Hungarian players with whom Matyi Cseh can be compared. He could only be used in the forward line, where he had almost no equal. Once the great three played together — Cseh II., Dr. Sárosi and Zsengellér. They scored eight goals against the world famous Czech goalkeeper Plánička.
He was a virtuoso on the pitch and loved to play for the crowd. Whenever possible, he would outplay his opponents. He played football for fun. He was particularly good with his feet, and touched the ball very little with his head. What he did with his feet, he was unbeatable. He didn't care about the result. He would often ask his teammates for the result on the way out.
He was a comedian of Hungarian football, but he did it artistically. He was a bohemian in the game, and he was a bohemian in life. You could find him in the pubs quicker than in the Opera lobby. He was able to 'join' small teams under a pseudonym when he was a big player. He would play himself off as he pleased. He was caught by the federation several times, but his club officials smoothed everything over for him. He deserved it, because he was a football lover.
Like many other artists, he led a life of pretentious ostentation. He was irrepressible. He was a cautionary tale to all young people about how not to live the life of an excellent sportsman. He died in a hurry at the age of 40.