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István Pluhár: Gyula Lázár

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Gyula Lázár
István Pluhár | Published by Stefan Pluhár in 1977

Gyula Lázár, Kaoe, FTC. - Mr. Teacher, a name that suited him, because he was indeed a teacher during the game. He came to the FTC from KAOE. He excelled with both feet and head. He was a teacher in getting the ball and passing it accurately.
He did not play for the crowd. He did everything in the best interests of the team. In the most difficult situations he could get hold of the ball, bring it out of danger with devilish calmness and pass it on to his teammates in good position. He was a quiet, taciturn sportsman. He did not like to be praised. He was an excellent dribbler, often slowing down the opposition's attack. His individual play often gave his more tired teammates time to catch their breath.
He was a teacher in the game, yet he did not like to lecture. He never became a coach. He later played for smaller teams.