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István Pluhár: Jenő Kalmár

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Jenő Kalmár
István Pluhár | Published by Stefan Pluhár in 1977

Jenő Kalmár, FTC, MTK — This lanky build boy started his career at FTC. He was a model of modesty. Turay, Bukovi and then Dr. Sárosi took his place in the Fradi team. His modesty is also reflected in the fact that in his prime he allowed himself to be loaned out to a second division club for a year. After a year, Fradi's management let him go to MTK, a move that was later regretted by the management of the green and white club.
He played like his great predecessor, Gyurka Orth. He was equally good with the ball with his head and his feet. Kalmár's cloud heads were one of a kind. Later, only Sanyi Kocsis had a similar header on Hungarian pitches.
Kalmár was able to win matches on his own or turn around the results of games he was losing. He almost single-handedly won championships for MTK. Kalmár was similar to Gyurka Orth not only in his playing style but also in his playing destiny.
In an MTK—FTC championship match, Amsel accidentally broke Kalmár's leg. He recovered from his injury with difficulty and played more timidly afterwards. Not satisfied with his poorer play, the MTK management released him to France. It was in France that Kalmar enjoyed his second flowering in the game. He also got married there. His heart later brought him back to Hungary and he founded the unforgettable golden team (the Puskás family) together with Sebes and Bukovi. He coached Bp. Honvéd and the national team. After the fall of the revolution in 1956 he left Hungary and settled in Barcelona, Spain.