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István Pluhár: Mihály Pataki

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Mihály Pataki
István Pluhár | Published by Stefan Pluhár in 1977

Mihály Pataki, FTC — He grew up in Mester Street. He was a Fradista from birth until his death. He lived and died for the green and white colours. As a prohibitionist and the brains of the team, he stood at the axis of defence. He didn't run much, but his unrivalled playing intelligence got him through it all. He was equally master on the pitch with his head and his feet.
The embarrassment of a long prisoner of war didn't get to him. On his return (1921) he immediately joined the FTC. He retired several times, but when Fradi needed him, he was ready to go into action. Pataki raised Gyurka Sárosi for Hungarian football. He dealt with him with persistent diligence and many more young talents.