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István Pluhár: Imre Schlosser

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-06-23 13:58:38

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Imre Schlosser
István Pluhár | Published in 1977

Imre Schlosser, FTC, MTK, WAC, FTC. — He was a poor child. He was spotted playing in the squares of Pest. He came to Fradi from Petőfi Square.
He ran very well as a youngster, and used it wisely in football. Schlosser played from 1915 to 17 July 1927. At that time Slózi was the most popular man in Budapest. He was strong with his feet and could dribble and kick fiendishly. When he could, he shot with his left foot. He liked to play in the middle of the pitch. He was a selfless player, perhaps more happy with his team-mates' goals than his own.
During his career, Slózi plaques were printed. They wanted to name a street after him. When he went on a convoy, people would catch the horse from his carriage and pull him. He was a very modest and sensitive man. He was a little hurt by the Fradi management and so he moved to MTK. He spent a short time there, went to Vienna, but soon returned to his beloved club, FTC.
He could not live without the game and Fradi. He earned a lot of money, but he could have spent as much again. He didn't become a coach, but he enjoyed playing in Népliget with the Ferencváros kids even in his old age.
As a young man he worked as a delivery boy at the central town hall, but the new regime did not take kindly to him, because in the last days of his life he sold To-To tickets in front of the central town hall in a tobacconist's shop in Pest. Not inside, but on the street, and as a very poor man he vomited his eyes out in the Rókus Hospital at the age of 70. He was buried in Ferencváros, and twenty-five thousand people accompanied him on his last journey.
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Isaque Argolo: Interesting that Pluhár only considered the time when Schlosser moved from Ferencváros to MTK — "from 1915 to 1927". He clearly did know, as he mentioned before, that Schlosser played way before that time for Fradi. He probably forgot to mention the exact year which Slózi started to play football. Also, Schlosser did not spend a short time at MTK....