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The sheets of my album V.: Pivots and pillars

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-06-23 18:51:25

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This article is part of a series called "The feuilets de mon album" — The sheets of my album —, by Jean Eskenazi, published in 1937 & 1938. These series are a collection of footballers and some quick interesting comments of Eskenazi abut every single one of them. You can see the whole episodes by clicking here. Pivots and pillars Jean Eskenazi | 25/11/1937 Goldbrunner
A real policeman. But a German policeman is called a "shupo". And from the "shupo" he has a bit of the legendary stiffness. He is not a man of sudden inspiration. He does his job conscientiously. As Mr. Nerz told him. Because it is Mr. Nerz who thinks and Goldbrunner who executes.
* * *
Or the centre-half policeman in spite of himself. He hardly likes this game and yet he owes his reputation to it. Without the W, Jordan would arguably be a good centre-half or insider. With the W he hates, he is an extraordinary centre-half. We are never in life what we would like to be. Even among footballers.
* * *
The Class that he has! But there is no shortage of dangerous hits either. A player with whom it is preferable to belong to the same team. With his tall slender legs he does a lot of damage. In football slang this is called a penciller.
* * *
He was an average player in Hungary. He became a big international star at Sochaux. And if Sochaux is the team for him, he is the center half for Sochaux. He is above all a scientist. When it's hard for his team, his work may not be brilliant. But when the storm passed, he took his precise little passes out of his footballer's bag and presto! Sochaux wins once again.
* * *
A football academic. But a Viennese academician. So while he's brilliant, he's also a bit whimsical. The offensive sense prevails with him. Mark the direct opponent closely? Ugh! How awful. But when it comes to giving subtle balls to his dangerous forwards, then, lady, that's another matter!
* * *
A bull, of course. But an extraordinary value. Unequaled dynamism and power. And guts and impeccable physical condition. Has not yet been replaced in the Italian team and, at 37, knows how to command respect from his opponents when he works with Juventus.
* * *
What is a French centre-half? Nine times out of ten a player who is not French. Or else an ex-back, a centre-forward, a winger. He, Fosset, was born as a centre-half. As Paganini was born a violinist. He has the scope, but we notice it especially since he is on the national team. As he is a French centre-half, we don't get too excited about him. However, we will look very far. But you know the proverb.
* * *
The teacher. His pulpit was the center of the field. And hardly ever moved. But what a placement! His clairvoyance allowed him to skimp his efforts. Minimum stroke. Maximum yield. A great master of the corporation. A model that is hardly imitated.
* * *
That's a policeman! But a real one. Not one of the "secret" ones with empty stockings. Arsenal's centre-half is a policeman but when his forwards receive a ball they leave with their eyes closed.