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S.K Slavia - S.K. Plzeň , 16/04/1944

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S.K. SLAVIA — S.K. PLZEŇ 12:2 (8:1)

Josef Bican & Ota Hemele played to their full form — Bican, the tireless goalscorer, sets a new record — S.K. Slavia ready to face A.C. Sparta?

The match in Letná, against S.K. Plzeň, was awaited without much fervor. The reason for this was specifically due to the fact that it would be another league match in which many goals would come from only one side. Červenobílí were in second place, just behind A.C. Sparta and had to continue their winning streak to reach the leader of Národní Liga 1943/44. On the other hand — that of S.K. Plzeň —, the team had a bad championship, in addition to having lost the last match, by 0:4, to S.K. Viktoria Plzeň, who would play on the same day against A.C. Sparta.
Národní Liga, 17th match: 16/04/1944, Sunday 16:00. S.K. Slavia Praha — S.K. Plzeň 12:2 (8:1) Place: Letná, Prague — Referee: Jaroslav Vlček (Prague). Attendance: about 12.000. S.K. Slavia Praha Coach: Emil Seifert. XI: Finek — Luka, Říha — Žižka, Průcha, A. Bradáč — Fikejs, Hemele, Bican(c), Kopecký, Žďárský. S.K. Plzeň Coach: ?. XI: Štojdl — Bakule, Honomichl — Fiala, Hájek II., Vrba — Maiss, Plechatý, Tajčner, Süss, Mrvík. Goals: Bican(7, 20min; 21min; 25min; 35min; 65min[free-kick]; 82min; 89min), Hemele(4, 5min; 8min; 15min; 66min), Žďárský(1, 38min) — Tajčner(30min), Plechatý(73min).
As early as 4pm Sunday, an audience of over 10.000 people came to watch the S.K. Slavia carry out a massacre against the S.K. Plzeň. From the first highlighted moment, Slavistas attacked with voracity and determination. Moreover, the completely open and defensively careless game of S.K. Plzeň, in addition to the bad scaling of their values, made the result much broader than the performance of S.K. Slavia truly reflected. 12:2
Slavia opened 6:0 before S.K. Plzeň score their first goal, through Tajčner, the best opposing player on the field. Hemele scored the first three; Bican subsequently added a four-goal streak. Žďárský, after a brilliant move by Bican, scored the eighth and final goal of the first half.
In the second half, S.K. Plzeň fixed some mistakes. Furthermore, Hájek II. switched positions with Süss; improving team performance. S.K Slavia, on the other hand, no longer had the same appetite to score — only Josef Bican seemed not to be satisfied —, however, through a hat-trick by Bican in the second half and a goal by Hemele, the team closed its result. Plechatý scored the second goal of the visiting team.
Žďárský Bican Fikejs
Kopecký Hemele
A. Bradáč Průcha Žižka
Říha Luka
S.K. Slavia's double W.
The match was easy for Slavia. S.K. Plzeň was just the ruins of a dreaded team. They satisfied only Tajčner and Mrvík in the attack, Stojdl in the goal. Slavia performed a completely exhibition game in places. Only Kopecký did not like it this time.
The defense played reliably. However, this was far from being a test for Luka and Říha. Finek was only tested in the second half, but partially. He could not be blamed for both goals.
In the half-back line, Průcha did not perform what was expected, he would have to improve a lot against Sparta. Žižka was average and Bradáč stood out.
The attack, thanks to the readiness and poor coverage from the opponent, especially in the first half, easily scored twelve goals. Bican and Hemele played to their maximum form. Kopecký eased after half time. He seemed not to be interested in this match. Neither Ždárský nor Fikejs were ideal wingers in this match. BICAN SETS RECORD
Josef Bican never tired of scoring. With these seven goals scored, he added another record in Národní Liga. Moreover, he further increased his lead in the league's top scorers list. On that occasion, Bican had scored almost twice as many goals as second-placed Jiří Zmatlík of A.C. Sparta.
A.C. Sparta drew with S.K. Viktoria Plzeň, therefore the Slavistas closed the points difference and added 10 more goals than A.C. Sparta. At that moment, Sparta was just one point ahead of their main rival.