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Národní Liga 1938-1944

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Národní Liga — National League —, or Česko-moravská liga — Bohemian-Moravian League —, was the main league played in Bohemia and Moravia during Nazi Germany's occupation of the territory. In the middle of the 1938/39 season, after another normal start, the troops of Nazi Germany acquired the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, therefore creating a new league completely different from the old Státní Liga.
The league was specifically known for a high number of goals per match, teams with a very open style of play and careless with the defensive system. However, it followed with both top teams — S.K. Slavia Praha & A.C. Sparta Praha — dominating the competition by strides. Furthermore, already in the middle of the 1938/39 season, the Slovakian teams that were inserted after the 1935/36 season were removed from the competition system, therefore, in 1938/39, Š.K. Bratislava had its results annulled. CHAMPIONS
1938/39 — A.C. Sparta Praha
1939/40 — S.K. Slavia Praha
1940/41 — S.K. Slavia Praha
1941/42 — S.K. Slavia Praha
1942/43 — S.K. Slavia Praha
1943/44 — A.C. Sparta Praha
Even before the 1944/45 edition was contested, Czechoslovakia's wartime situation worsened. Consequently, there was no official edition in 1944/45. The league was only reestablished in 1945/46.