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Pilát, 10/01/1937: Braine and the Czech school

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Václav Pilát | 10/01/1937

Being at Sparta's ground on Sunday for the Sparta-Kolin friendly, I heard several times this sigh of Spartan fans about the irreplaceability of Braine. However, in my humble opinion, this is not and will not be the case. Sparta have been in worse situations more than once and have found a replacement, as they will now. Without wishing to deny Braine his great skill as a player, which he undoubtedly had, I think that he did not make Sparta, but the Sparta forwards made Braine themselves. In our Czech game of combination, which suited us best, it was always my and all the Czech centre-forwards' endeavour to pass the ball to the insiders in the so-called alleyways or perpendicular to the wingers.
In Sparta, however, I saw mostly the opposite, as all the forwards tried to pass to Braine, who, however, as a good shooter, being badly positioned, was able to make good use of it, and therefore could be Sparta's scorer. This passing to Braine was a great mistake on the part of the Sparta forwards, for when he was well covered by his opponent, or when he was not in the mood, as was often the case, the helplessness of the Spartan attack was immediately apparent. It is always bad with an attack that is dependent on one prima donna. It must now be the endeavour of the Sparta coach that Braine's successor should look to practise again our most successful system of old-school Bohemian football, that is to say, ground combinations with the throwing of the ball to alleyways looking for the insider. He must, of course, keep practising this method with them.
To this style of play I have, however, a good advice for the insiders.
Never run into the alley without the ball, but always try to rush the ball yourself in front of the penalty area, lure the defender to you, and in the very tightness of the alley pass to the centre-forward, who, by a short throw into the alley, must pass the ball immediately. In this way you get a considerable advantage over the defender, and a beautiful opportunity to shoot. I hope the Spartan forward will soon adapt again to our old game where the whole means everything and I wish them every success in this.