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Henrik Garfunkel: Hungarian sporting greats in Vienna

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Henrik Garfunkel | 07/10/1924

Hungarian football is in agony. It has lost its most dedicated representatives, almost all those who proclaimed its glory, its strength and its unforeseeable prospects, both at home and abroad, have gone. They have scattered, all over the world, and barring a miracle, there will soon be no news of the once great, even formidable, players.
What is the reason for this constant exodus of players? Could it not have been prevented, or at least stopped in time?
These are the questions to which hundreds of thousands of football fans are waiting with clenched fists and bated breath for answers. But who will give them the answers ?
It cannot be explained away by financial reasons alone.
No and a thousand times no!!! There must have been psychological reasons involved, because - let's be honest - our players have been receiving financial help for years, almost to the same extent as they are now on away games. Let's not make a mess of things, let's not make ostrich politics, because our players are no longer amateurs, our players have long been paid by the clubs, or perhaps by their patronage members.
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I therefore contacted the most famous stars of Hungarian football living in Vienna and asked them to tell me what the reasons were for leaving their country, how they are doing and what their plans are for the future.
Hungarian sporting greats in Vienna: Alfréd Schaffer
Hungarian sporting greats in Vienna: Kálmán Konrád
It is a subject that will certainly be of interest to the Hungarian sporting public.