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Ehrlich on Schaffer's departure from Wiener Amateur

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Otto Howarka | 27/02/1925

Today I spoke to Mr. Ehrlich, the head of the Amateure football department, who was kind enough to tell me the following about the current state of the Schaffer case:
Ehrlich: Schaffer is an extremely valuable member of the new Amateure and his release is a real hardship for us.
» Schaffer's value today lies not so much in his playing ability as in the bow nimbus of his reputation, which gives every game for the Amateurs a great appeal. I can say most emphatically that we would not have loaned our famous and popular centre-forward to any other club, but we are in debt to Sparta, because they too loaned Schaffer to us at the time without any obstacle to his immediate play. Of course, we have certain conditions, the first of which is that we have a suitable replacement for Schaffer in our forward line. We need an inside right, as we will fill the centre-forward position with Sindelar. If Spart can replace him with a striker with the right skills, there should be little obstacle to a smooth deal. If this solution fails, we will stick to the certain 2.000 korunas that we paid for Schaffer at the time.
» If Sparta don't provide a replacement striker, we will get Schaffer's replacement from England. Hugo Meisl is going to England in the spring and will personally select a top quality player from the large selection.
» Let me just say that Schaffer is an impeccable sportsman, from whom the Amateure will leave with the best impressions.
» Today, by the way, two of Sparta's agents have arrived in Vienna and negotiations will be concluded within the month. Regardless of the outcome of these negotiations, I can say, that there is no question of Schaffer playing against Szombathely in Prague on Sunday. Schaffer will still be with us this Sunday.