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Hugo Meisl's comments after Rudolfshügel-MTK 3:11, 1919

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-07-11 18:22:06

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Globetrotter | 01/07/1919

Hugo Meisl, the captain of the Austrian FA, recalled MTK's performance in an interview after the match in a tone of utter rapture. Even though, said Meisl, MTK were without Schaffer, Nyúl, Orth and Feldmann, they played a classic game in the true sense of the word, in excellent condition, both technically and tactically. The best part was the attack, the weakest point was the goalkeeper. The Hungarian attacking line-up of Winkler—BraunKonrád II.Schlosser—Szabó showed a great attacking play, the likes of which we have not seen from any team since the last visit of professional English teams to Vienna. Meisl, amidst the praise, delves deeper into the reasons and springs of MTK's great performance and concludes that it is largely the result of the purposeful training under the Englishman Hogan, which has been and is still aimed not only at perfecting ball handling but also at increasing physical fitness and keeping players in good shape. In his opinion, Monday's performance by MTK's forward line and cover line deserved a crowd of more than 20.000, and it is doubtful whether the Hungarians will be able to repeat yesterday's performance.