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Ring Café: Rankings related to 1932

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-08-03 19:07:35

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Frigyes Becske | 28/12/1932, Vienna

At the Ring Café, the Grand Council of the Football Sons of Vienna has completed its balance sheet work. It is a tradition that the list committee of the Ring Café publishes the international football rankings at the end of each year, which then takes its usual cruise in the world press. Different countries comment on these rankings differently. It has repeatedly been the case that letters from foreign countries have been sent to the address of the committee to welcome, approve, complain or condemn criticism, which can be seen as an undoubted sign of a lively response. The ranking from the end of December 1932 also contains many interesting things, and even if its character is strongly Austrian, it should not be surprised, as the ranking was made in Vienna and, moreover, there is no need for infallibility. Here is the interesting European ranking:
I. NATIONAL TEAMS Extraclass: 1. Austria, 2. Scotland, 3. England, 4. Italy. First-class: 1. Hungary, 2. Switzerland, 3. Czechoslovakia, 4. Spain, 5-6. Netherlands and Germany, 7. France, 8-10. Belgium, Sweden and Denmark. Second-class: 1. Yugoslavia, 2. Romania, 3. Norway, 4. Portugal, 5. Poland, 6. Bulgaria, 7. Greece, 8. Turkey, 9. Finland, 10. Luxembourg.
* * *
II. CLUB TEAMS Extraclass: Admira (Vienna), Arsenal (London), Austria (Vienna), Celtic (Glasgow), Ferencváros (Budapest), Grasshoppers (Zurich), Juventus (Torino), Rangers (Glasgow), Rapid (Vienna), First Vienna (Vienna). First-class: Ambrosiana (Milan), Aston Villa (Birmingham), F.C. Bologna (Bologna), BAC (Vienna), Bayern (Munich), F.C. Torino (Torino), Chelsea (London), Everton (Liverpool), Újpest (Budapest), Hungária (Budapest), III. kerület (Budapest), Frankfurter S.C.I., F.C. Nurnberg (Nurnberg), Nicholson (Vienna), Newcastle united (Newcastle), A.S. Roma (Rome), A.I.K. (Stockholm), Sheffield Wednesday (Sheffield), Slavia (Prague), Sparta (Prague), WAC (Vienna), WSC (Vienna), Young Boys (Bern).
* * *
III. EUROPE'S BEST 33 PLAYERS Team A: Hiden — Monzeglio, Rosetta — Nausch, Sárosi, Gall — Hulme, Hitrec, Sindelar, James, Orsi. Team B: Plánicka — Rainer, Dudás — Pitto, Cambal, Luef — Zischek, Jack, Gschweidl, Abegglen II., Vogl I. Team C: Hibbs — Goodall, Blenkinsop — Borsányi, Kalmár, Samitier — Adam, Cesarini, Braine, Ferrari, Déri.
* * *
IV. THE 12 BEST REFEREES ON THE CONTINENT Barlassina (Italy), Dr. Bauwens (Germany), Boronkay (Hungary), Braun (Austria), Carraro (Italy), Cejnar (Czechoslovakia), Krist (Czechoslovakia), Frankenstein (Austria), Klug (Hungary), Langenus (Belgium), Ruoff (Switzerland), Hansen (Denmark).
* * *
V. FOOTBALL LEADERS 1. Meisl (Austria), 2. Zanetti (Italy), 3. Johannsohn (Sweden), 4. Mauro (Italy), 5. Dr. Fodor (Hungary), 6. Pozzo (Italy), 7. Rimet (France), 8. Fischer Mór (Hungary), 9. Wohlschlegel (Germany), 10. Gassmann (Switzerland).
* * *
VI. COACHES 1. Kürschner (Hungary), 2. Gyula Biró (Hungary), 3. István Tóth (Hungary), 4. Orth (Hungary), 5. Konrád (Hungary), 6. Kurz (Austria), 7. Bauer (Austria), 8. Feldmann (Hungary), 9. Weisz (Hungary), 10. Swatosch (Austria), 11. József Nagy (Hungary), 12. Kolenatý (Czechoslovakia).