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Howorka, 1931: WAC-Vienna 1:2 - Mitropa Cup Final

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Ottó Howorka | 13/11/1931

In front of 25.000 spectators the Austrian final of the Central European Cup was held in the Hohe Warten. The standard of play, unfortunately, did not match the prestigious ranking of the medal.
In the first half you could still see some nice action, but in the second half the game was devoid of substance. Technically, Vienna led and their half-back line was far superior to that of their opponents. Their team-mates, on the other hand, showed moderate form. Only Gschweidl and Brosenbauer hit the mark. The back pairing of Blum-Rainer played quite poorly.
Vienna were lucky that the defensive trio was the best part of the team in the WAC. The rest of the team played second class football. Typical of the forward line, the best man in it was the suddenly promoted old Cutti.
The two teams lined up like that:
Vienna: Horeschofsky — Rainer, Blum — Schmaus, Hofmann, Machu — Brosenbauer, Adelbrecht, Gschweidl, Tögel, Erdl. WAC: Hiden — Becher, Sesta — Braun, Löwinger, Kubesch — Cutti, Müller, Hiltl, Hanke, Huber.
A great Vienna situation in the first minute, Brosenbauer shoots the ball against the crossbar, the rebound is put wide by Tögl from two steps. In the 6th minute, Brosenbauer assists Erdl for Vienna's leading goal. 1:0. The game continues with Vienna's dominance until the 42nd minute, when another goal by Erdl makes it 2:0.
After the break WAC is better for a few minutes. In the 4th minute, Cutti's goal from the spot is disallowed by the referee. The only humour in the game is that — whenever referee Barlassina warns a player, he writes his name in a little book. In the 21st minute, Hiltl's shot is well extended by Hanke, the shot is unmarked. 2:1. In the 26th minute, Erdl is injured and from then on he is not a serious fighter. The game ends during Vienna's attack.
After the match, Mauro presents the cup and medals to the winning team.