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F.K. Austria - S.K. Slavia, 01/11/1937

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Friendly match: 01/11/1937, Monday 14:30. F.K. Austria — S.K. Slavia 2:4 (1:1) Place: Pfarrwiese, Hütteldorf(Vienna) — Referee: Alois Beranek(Vienna). Attendance: about 14.000. F.K. Austria Coach: Robert Lang, Matthias Sindelar & Walter Nausch. XI: Zöhrer — Andritz, Sesta — Nausch(c), L. Stroh, Joksch — Riegler, J. Stroh, Sindelar(45min, Rirsch), Jerusalem, Neumer. S.K. Slavia Coach: Jan Reichardt. XI: Plánička(c) — Černý, Daučík — Vodička, Průcha, Jezbera — Bouška, Svoboda, Bican, Sobotka, Puč. Goals: Neumer(35min) and Riegler(83min) — Bican(3, 55min; 70min; 75min) and Svoboda(21min). Slavia took the lead in the 22th minute. Svoboda scored. Neumer managed in the 35th minute. In the second half, Slavia's attacks alternated quickly and already in the 10th minute Bican regained the lead from Bouška's pass. In the 25th minute again Bican increased the score to 3:1 30th minute: 4:1. Bican scored his hat-trick. Riegler scored the home team's second goal in the 40th minute.
After Sunday's defeat of Slavia in Brno, no one expected that Slavia would succeed in defeating Austria in Vienna on Monday. The changed composition of the team turned out to be correct and Slavia apparently learned a lesson from the defeat by Židenice. A match which S.K. Slavia's forwards had effective shots, precisely Bican. Even though Bican's right arm, Vlasta Kopecký, did not play, and Slavia with a low creative game, the great centre-forward still managed to score three goals and secure the win to Slavia.
Plánička was the spotlight of Slavia's defense. Černý and Daučík played well and were two great regular defenders in this match.
The trio Vodička — Průcha — Jezbera had nice performance. Jezbera was the best of them. Surprisingly, Průcha and even Vodička played effectively, but they still struggled to stop Neumer. Before the 66th minute, Vodička suffered an injury in a collision with Neumer and had to leave the field — sent off. Then, Bouška played as a right half-back, and S.K. Slavia with four forwards. XI: Plánička(c) — Černý, Daučík — Bouška, Průcha, Jezbera — Svoboda, Bican, Sobotka, Puč.
Jan played the front line with two different players: Svoboda and Sobotka. Both Bradáč and Kopecký played against S.K. Židenice, but had no condition to play against F.K. Austria. Both insiders played well. Puč was better than Bouška, who was not used to the right winger position. Bican — who was in great form, therefore showed great performance — was the best player. AN EXHAUSTED AUSTRIA WIEN
FK Austria did not play Mock — who was ill —, but, on the other hand, they started with Sindelar. However, after the break, Sindelar was replaced. This happened more for tactical reasons than for necessity.
The defense, even though Zöhrer was one of the best players of the team, could not stop the great attacks of Slavia. Andritz and Sesta were unsuccessful.
The half-back was weak. Nausch did not perform well. Leopold Stroh was not enough to stop Bican. Joksch was the only one who actually showed something.
Both wingers were Austria's best players. Neumer scored and was always a problem for Vodička and Průcha, and Riegler also scored a beatiful goal. Jerusalem, who, in his last match, got sent off, had no condition to play against S.K. Slavia. Stroh was inefficient. Sindelar played only the first half, but still managed to assist Neumer and to perform well. Many thought that the Austrian centre-forward was done, but he managed to prove them wrong.
Ottó Howorka: Plánička and Bican were the main strength of the Prague team.