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Flávio Costa, 1993: A few comments on 1950 World Cup

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-09-06 16:54:54

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— Flávio Costa | 1993 —

In my opinion, there was a work done gradually, and everything turned out. We didn't even start the championship well, but over the course of the championship this team solidified and armed itself.
When we went to play Spain, Spain had a spectacular attack. We played, perhaps, the greatest match seen in Maracanã to date. It was a spectacle, the audience danced. At that time they still didn't have those supporters that form the waves, but they did it anyway. And this to the sound of that castanhola music, so that they sang in the audience and the players, to the sound of that music, it seems that they were playing according to it. It was the most beautiful show there could be.
It was a technical mistake, you understand? Generally, technical mistakes result in the opponent taking advantage. We operated within the WM system. Bigode was in charge of marking Ghiggia. If you look at the graph of the goals — this goes around a lot —, you see that Ghiggia, in two times — and more than twice —, that plot of the graph is the same, that Ghiggia beats Bigode, and walks with the ball without any interception to the line. The first time he took a step back, Schiaffino came from the right side and coincidentally shot a straight ball into the defenseless angle of Barbosa – that was the equalizer. Then, on another occasion, Ghiggia runs away with the ball, alone, goes to the line, throws the ball back; Barbosa leaves the goal and intercepts — that was our misfortune.