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John Madden's first training session for S.K. Slavia

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— Unknown | 21/02/1905 —

With great interest, the large audience awaited the start of Slavia's training under the leadership of Mr. Madden. Those who were looking forward to two-goal football training were certainly very disappointed, seeing how Mr. Madden always let four and four football players — run one round. After replacing everyone, he let 60 yards run in the groups. For that, they all ran together freely for the whole round. With that, Saturday's training session – the day before the match – ended, much to the amazement of the spectators present. Mr. Madden said: "The secret of football is training". As we observed from the conversation, he puts the greatest weight on running and walking, which shows exactly what Slavia lacks the most: speed, endurance and stamina.
On Monday, the players of Slavia began training in running and shooting.
The same systematic bathing together will take place under the supervision of the trainer, who seems completely satisfied with the material subordinate to him.
Although the players of Slavia are usually quite small in stature, he described their bodies as suitable for training and development.