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Payer, 1925: The Uruguayan team

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— Imre Payer | 19/03/1925

A training session was held on the field of the Genoa Club on Saturday, February 28 at 9:00 a.m. The first team played two 30-minute halves, and their game provided an enjoyable sport even in the form of training. In addition to the usual football team here, it seemed as if the old MTK was playing with Gyuri Orth, Schaffer, Konrád II., Konrád I. and a good half-back line, with the difference that in the game of the Uruguayans, great technique is combined with great speed.
With their beautiful flat interplay and, on occasion, the wingers' fast sprinting runs, their attacks brought the English Sunderland before my eyes. Many times they warmed up to passing so much that they passed the ball to the five-point line and took it down with great precision.
The people of the forward line stood out even with their individual play, with devilish dribbling and showed such flexibility that I am not surprised that this nation won the Olympiad. There are eight players in the team who also played at the Olympics in Paris, and among them right half-back Andrade and inside left Petrone stand out. Andrade is a tall, black-skinned player who has already been inundated with offers from the English. Andrade is the epitome of technical knowledge and I'm not wrong when I say that he's the best wing half-back I've ever seen. In addition to their overall play, they shoot excellently, but I wouldn't trade the Hungarian defense with them. After the training, I spoke with Mr. De Vecchi, one of the leaders of the team, who gladly welcomed me and introduced me to their president, Mr. Numa Pasquera. They spoke with great sympathy about Hungarian football and declared that they would also like to come to Budapest for a match.