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1925: The agreement for Schaffer

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-09-12 18:15:46

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Still looking for a new centre-forward to replace Václav Pilát, A.C. Sparta tried to bring the uncrowned king of the centre-forwards, the hungarian Alfréd Schaffer from Vienna to Prague. Since the beggining of the year, it was reported several times that Schaffer was already talking to A.C. Sparta's managers. However, it was only on March of 1925 that Schaffer finally moved to Prague.
Schaffer played his last match for Wiener Amateur S.V. on 15/03/1925, in a match which ended 1:1 against First Vienna. With his departure, not only Die Violetten lost one part of their soul but also the entire Vienna. They clearly loved him more than the people from Budapest or any other nation — even the Germans!
It was agreed that Schaffer would move to A.C. Sparta, but Amateur did not simply agreed with this, they wanted a high payment for Spéci. Thus, it was agreed on a 50 million Austrian crowns term.
The management of Wiener Amateur S.V. stated that Schaffer had requested Vienna and Prague under all circumstances on the basis of a two-year contract, Sparta provided him with 7.000 Czech crowns per month. Kantor, manager of A.C. Sparta, conducted the negotiations, Schaffer had to play and train for that amount. In addition that monthly salary of 7.000, Schaffer received two awards each year, each time between 10 and 10.000 Czech crowns. This salary was Schaffer's biggest income, therefore it was understandable if he turned his back on all those who loved him in Vienna... After all, Schaffer was a professional football who was always looking for making a great living.
At first, it was not certain whether Schaffer would debut against 1. Simmeringer S.C. Some pointed out that the Hungarian star would only play in the league match. However, the centre-forward Schaffer ended up making his return against the Austrian team.