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13/09/1935: Goal king — Sárosi

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-09-12 19:19:43

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— Josef Friedl | 13/09/1935 —

If Hungarian football had a number of football stars in each of its eras, who inspired the admiration of the entire football Europe with their great skill, such as: Schaffer, Orth, Braun, even now it has its great Sárosi, who by his football advantages stands out far above almost all current Hungarian football players.
Our other football neighbor, Austria, still lives on the glory of Sindelar, while Gschweidl has aged, as well as Kuthan, Uridil, etc. remain only a memory of artists unique in their field.
And we weren't left behind either. After all, in the old Slavia, we had forwards with unique football qualities, and later it was Vaník, Pilát, Janda, and from the younger ones Silný, Puč, Svoboda, who competed with their foreign colleagues. Nowadays, however, we cannot boast of a player à la Sárosi who, in addition to his great football skills, is also a gentleman player and a loyal member of his club colors. Even these good qualities are his considerable advantages over many of our stars, who recently distinguished themselves more by their demands of ten thousand than by their love for the club, without which it is impossible to be a good defender of the club jersey. Although AC Sparta has the great Braine, who pays for the European brand, he is of Belgian origin, so we cannot count him among the domestic fighters.
The importance of Sárosi has increased just now, when his club Ferencváros is playing its final fight in the Central European Cup with our AC Sparta. The question of whether he will start on Sunday in the decisive battle in Prague for the biggest club trophy in Central Europe has become the subject of journalistic considerations and the conversation of all football friends who are watching with interest the preparations of both rivals for the last decisive onslaught at the Masaryk Stadium.
The first reports talked about a serious injury to Sárosi, others downplayed the first reports, while the new ones would change Ferencváros' hopes for victory. Since Sárosi is a truly unique forward who is not only the brain of his team, but also the axis around which the entire action of every match revolves, it can be safely said that without him, Ferencváros would have no hope of success in Prague.
However, since it is known that Sárosi is also a good and therefore also a dedicated player of his club, it can be assumed that all these injuries are just conjectures and if his health allows him just a little bit, he will lead his team in the fight against our Sparta. And it would be desirable, at least, that the possible success of our representative would not lose its value and its great importance.