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Dr. Sárosi's debut for Ferencváros

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Profi Bajnokság, 16th match: 15/03/1931, Sunday, 16:00. Ferencváros F.C. — Szegedi Bástya 7:0 (1:0) Place: Üllői út, Budapest — Referee: Ernő Vezér. Attedance: about 3.000. Sent off: Wahl(77min). Ferencváros F.C. Coach: Zoltán Blum. XI: Amsel — Takács I.(c), Papp — Lyka, Sárosi, Lázár — Táncos, Toldi, Turay, Szedlacsik, Kohut. Szegedi Bástya Coach: Pál Beck. XI: Benedek — Sirály, Emődi — Tóth, Kurunczy(c), Riesz — Hernádi, Kőrösi, Wahl, Havas, Harmat. Goals: Turay(3, 12min; 54min; 86min), Toldi(2, 50min; 67min), Papp(69min[penalty]) and Szedlacsik(73min).
The match was not an accurate test for Ferencváros, as Bástya did not pose any risk to the opponent. However, a victory was more than acclaimed and mandatory for the greens and whites. The fifth position in the championship was a reflection of a season well below, ineffective, unproductive and that generated repulsion for the supporters.
The muddy, potholed and completely precarious lawn, perhaps, was a reflection of the current context of Hungarian football. The game could not reproduce its ancient art that marked Hungary in the past.
In a way, due to the fact that Szegedi Bástya played with a reserve team, lost Kurunczy through injury and Wahl was sent off, it helped a lot to build the wide result for Ferencváros. However, it is worth mentioning the merit of the energetic home team. A NOT TESTED FERENCVÁROS
The goalkeeper Amsel was not tested, he was not able to demonstrate his quality, he was only responsible for putting the ball in play again. The duo Takács I.-Papp also had no trouble, as the brilliant performance of the half-back line was enough to destroy the advances of Szegedi Bástya.
The team's best line — and by far — the half-back line, was made up of artistic, technical, intelligent and energetic exponents. György Sárosi did what was expected of him, even though he was only debuting. Not only did he replace Márton Bukovi with perfection, he also reached a level well above the other Hungarian. His great positioning, great passing and high game intelligence — a worthy successor to the Czech Karel Pešek-Káďa — were outstanding. Sárosi was the best man on the field. On the left side of the line, Gyula Lázár also performed very well. Antal Lyka was his usual excellent, reliable, agile and energetic.
The offensive line worked very well, even though the opposing defensive system was not a strong barrier against the advances.
Of the inside trio, József Turay was the highlight, not only because of the three goals scored, but also because of his workrate in that match. Following Turay, Géza Toldi was second best of the line. József Szedlacsik failed to perform in the same way as his inside trio mates.
The wingers worked very well, they made the main advances of the offensive line, mainly Mihály Táncos. TOO MANY HANDICAPS FOR BÁSTYA
Bástya was surprised and overwhelmed by the brilliant and energetic play of Ferencváros. Their injured and reserve team could not manage in the mud anyway. In addition, Kurunczy's injury and Wahl's sending off also undermined the team, which fought against its fate in vain. The best part was the direct defence, where Emödi and Benedek did a great job despite the seven goals they conceded. In the half-back line, only the indefatigable Tóth was the best, while Havas was still relatively the best in the completely unenergetic forward line.
Béla Mailinger: The ice is broken. The team is now back to its old good self and in perfect condition.
Zoltán Blum: The team, strengthened by Sárosi, who played a good game replacing Bukovi, fought great, played well and showed that they are as good today as they were when they had their best triumphs.
Sándor Klement: Sárosi's calm and smart play and Turay's energy restored the team's confidence and finally the bad luck went away.
Amsel: I finally understand with my old head that the team played so well that the opponent could hardly even get near the goal.
Emődi: Our reserve team could not play on this impossible pitch.
Tóth: We should have had fit men here, with an injured centre-half and sick men we could not stand against the sensational Ferencváros, where Sárosi in particular played well.
Wahl: My mouth was full of mud and I spat it out, I didn't even see that the linesman was over there. I had no intention of offending him.
Károly Tolmár: If we had bought Sárosi at the beginning of the season, we would be in the lead now!