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Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-09-21 11:58:28

Data providers: Isaque Argolo.
Recently, I got a few questions about the purpose of creating this website and the depth of ARFSH — and it brought back good memories of how it all started.
Well, before I even created this website, when I was about 16 years old, I started to collect statistics on some of the greatest goalscorers of all time, in addition to being widely detailed statistics, then never published before and without the slightest interest in posting them online.
On the centenary of the Copa America, in 2016, I watched all the matches of that edition and realized that Wikipedia didn't have the number of assists of the players, therefore I decided to read about how to edit on Wikipedia and start aggregating it myself in the encyclopedia. Consequently, I started posting my stats there, creating my own pages — some existing to this day — and adding more information. However, it is impossible to reconcile knowledge in public encyclopedias.
As much as the information was verified, based on contemporary facts and with a very clear methodology, there was always some random that altered the line and completely messed up the page. Thus, I decided to create my own website, where only I and people who have a sense of broad knowledge can publish. Consequently, on 23/07/2017 I created ARFTS (Archive. Football. Top. Scorers). An elucubration: if I made ARFSH completely public, where anyone could edit, this would, without a doubt, become a mess.
As for the depth of ARFSH, well, there's the public content, which is the best source of knowledge about old football — and it's still growing — there's the private articles, which are much more detailed and in-depth, and there's my personal archive, which represents the bottom of the iceberg. Online content in ARFSH, both public and private, represents a tiny percentage of what I have yet to publish or will never publish.