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Becske, 1968: Cramer interviewed

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— Frigyes Becske | 09/09/1968 —

Dettmar Cramer, a FIFA coach on contract from West Germany, will be responsible for providing professional coaching and training to national team players, coaches and referees in the countries he is based in. He spent two years in this capacity in Asia, and his next assignment will be in North and Central America, followed by Australia. Internationally, Cramer is known as an excellent trainer and has proven once again that he has a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge. He spent his summer holidays at home and took the opportunity to answer questions from readers of the Kicker magazine. Here are the most interesting ones:
— Could Asia soon threaten the leadership of European football?
Cramer: However, if they train professionally and have a hard handed manager, they could qualify for the top four in the 1976 Olympic tournament. Of course, they could surprise even earlier, as North Korea did in the 1966 World Cup in England, where they beat the Italians and excelled against the Portuguese.
— Who is the best Asian footballer?
Cramer: probably Japan's national centre-forward Kamamoto. Not only is he excellent technically and tactically, but he is also a good header and a good goal scorer. He has a great shot with both his right and left foot.
— What do you think of Beckenbauer, the best West German footballer of 1968?
Cramer: He is undoubtedly the greatest talent in our country's football at the moment. He has his faults, of course, but he can improve on them, because he is young, hard-working and ambitious. He can always improve further, whether as a defender, midfielder or forward.
— What do you think about the different tactical formations?
Cramer: In recent months, I have been asked by managers, journalists and club bosses all over Asia which is the best formation, 4-2-4, 4-3-3 or operating with a sweeper? I see a danger in this perception: they generally believe that you just have to get the system right and then the result will not be lost. But there are no patent remedies. Nothing can replace very hard and professional training. In modern football, there is a lot of talk, and rightly so, about the tempo game. A true class player has to be able to cope with the pace and pressure of the opponent. This, of course, places great demands on the level of fitness, technical knowledge and feel for the game of the footballer. Each team must follow a system that suits the abilities of the available footballers. Tactics cannot be worked out in advance at the green ground. It is primarily determined by the strengths and weaknesses of the players.
— What will the next World Cup tournament be like?
Cramer: In Mexico — I am convinced — we can expect even more high quality matches. I am convinced that Mexico will be even better than this, and I believe that the development of football is constant and in leaps and bounds.
— Which country do you think will win the 1970 World Cup?
Cramer: It is better to refrain from predictions. The field will be very balanced in Mexico. If the English were as strong away from home as they are at home, they would be among the favorites. But I wouldn't even dare to place a bet on Brazil's final victory.