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Late 1990s, Juventus with that beautiful old Kappa kit, in which their symbol stands out and combines in an elegant design. On the field, wearing that same uniform, was a shirt number 21 of the bianconeri team. A tall figure, physically built and with a somewhat distinguished gait. In addition, his notorious baldness makes him stand out from the others. However, with the ball at his feet, what sets him apart from the others is the way his technique has been refined, with a completely different way of mastery the ball, a touch, a unique style. Art.
When he has the ball, a confident, therefore dominant aura conveys to the viewer that he knows everything around him. He spins, pulls the ball back, changes sides, shortens or lengthens the time — he is the schemer, the timer of the match. At his command, he launches actions to make even the most fanatical rival fan applaud him — and I know, being Brazilian, very well how that is.
Watching 21 play, you can see his many tricks, even protecting the ball with his body. Whatever difficult ball they hand him over, he makes the situation easy, completely responsive and with a touch of elegance. When the move seems lost — and it does for the viewer — he decides, because for him it's just another simple moment on the lawn he dominates.
The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power — this may seem like the definition of what art is, but it is the definition of who Zinédine Zidane was.