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Munkácsi, 1925: Hogan to return to MTK?

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-11-06 21:15:41

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— Márton Munkácsi | 1925 —

A daily newspaper has reported as news that Jimmy Hogan, the former great English coach of MTK, is returning to MTK. The news in this form is exaggerated, because Hogan's contract is not yet signed, and although there is only a slight difference in financial terms, the contract has not been signed, and until that happens, his trip to Pest is of course not certain.
The negotiations are being brokered by Shires, an Englishman living in Budapest, who is a very good friend of Master Hogan. In any case, it would be a welcome move for the excellent coach to return to MTK. His tenure in Pest coincides with the renaissance of MTK, and his immense ability to work would surely put our declining champions back on the right track.
The staff contacted György Orth, Hogan's most perfect student, and asked him for an interview.
György Orth had this to say:
— I cannot say anything certain about the negotiations. On the other hand, I received a portrait today from Hogan, who has not written to me for a long time, with warm lines, which in any case means that he is going to Pest and his memories are coming alive. I would very much like to see this beautiful plan succeed, because MTK and all of Hungarian football owe a lot to Hogan.
» He has perfected the flat passing game created by Robertson and has created a reserve team for his club from which MTK could draw for many years. Kovács, Nyul, Nádler, Opata, Braun and myself are all his trainees. In Switzerland he coached the Young Boys and helped his team to the championship, and then turned the completely insignificant Lausanne into a good team.
» Hogan is also a master of technique, but he is unsurpassed in building good mental and physical fitness.