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Column #22

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-11-07 21:35:00

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Mándi was a tactical genius and very cautious in his actions. He knew very well what he said. He was right when he commented on Gschweidl: there is no way to know what Gschweidl thought. There are certain players that it is completely possible to predict their intentions and moves. On the other hand, there are players where it is possible to know what they are going to do, but they still manage to perform their actions. Gschweidl was different. Gschweidl didn't think about the actions with the ball at his feet, he already imagined the scenarios, if he were to receive the ball. Gschweidl looked around at his teammates and opponents. He had a map of every move he could make. He was a genius player indeed.
I was watching some recordings of one of Gschweidl's first matches against Hungary. The ball goes up too high, Gschweidl kills it completely with an ease that would have Zidane cheering. Without making any other moves, Gschweidl spins and leaves the opponent's mark. Simply impressive.
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