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Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-11-07 22:02:21

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One of the principles of this site is the respect and appreciation of the diverse history that surrounds football. Authors are always mentioned and praised. There are many forgotten personalities who helped shape football as it is today. Furthermore, as history is being written, its first stories are forgotten — and this is normal. The intent of ARFSH is to save them in a single encyclopedia. However, when I read about the work of John Tait Roberton, I am completely overwhelmed by the lack of credit and information about him. John William Madden, John Harley, Charles Miller and among many others have their credit for what they did in each territory. However, the story of Robertson, or Master Robertson, is almost eclipsed by Hogan. Of course, Hogan is credited — and heavily — for the evolution of Hungarian, Central European, continental and world football — as the style has spread.
However, Jacky Robertson, the exceptional Scottish half-back, was responsible for planting the seed of the MTK school and creating true ball artists who were responsible for passing this same style across the continent. Truly he was a master. If when the history of Hungarian football is told and Jimmy Hogan is in gold lettering — just as ARFSH does in honor of the exceptional English coach — John Tait Robertson's letters will be in the colors of MTK, the blue of MTK, the blue of the first Aranycsapat. As long as ARFSH is committed to football history, following my lead, Jacky Robertson's name will be — and from now on — in a highlighted blue.