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Ferencváros FC - 1933/34
Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 08/02/2021 | Last Update: 08/02/2021

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The league starts
Compared to last season, Ferencváros were still trying to improve their team to keep up with the best teams in Central Europe.
Fradi's first league match would be against III. Kerület, which were suffering with injuries and was not considered as a team that could face Ferencváros in a equal match. Although Ferencváros would have to face them at Nagyázombat, III. Kerület's ground, their win was expected with at least 3 goals scored.
The first impressions was that Zoltán Blum would play József Takács. However, according to Blum himself, Takács II. was not fit yet. Székely was selected to be the right insider. Profibajnokság I., 1st match - 03/09/1933, Sunday 17:00 III. Kerület FC - Ferencváros FC 0-4 (0-2) Place: Nagyázombat-utca, Budapest. Referee: Ferenc Majorszky. Attendance: Ferencváros FC Coach: Zoltán Blum. XI: Háda — Papp, Korányi — Laki, Móré, Lázár — Táncos, Székely, Sárosi, Toldi, Kemény. Goals: Toldi(2, 14min; 70min), Sárosi(81min), Székely(90min). Assists: Móré(14min), Táncos(70min), Székely(81min), Laki(90min).
The match reflected what was expected by the public: a dominant performance by Ferencvárosi. If Sárosi, Toldi & Székely had more precision with their shots, Fradi could have scored many more goals. Nevertheless, their performance can not be criticsed, precisely Sárosi who demonstrated one more time his game knowledge.
"I am satisfied with the result and the game." - Zoltán Blum.
Hádá recalled his best form. Korányi had to fix some o Papp's mistakes.
Móré still had to adapt to his new team. There were a lot of bad passes and he did not manage to play the expected defensive role of the centre-half. Laki performed with great technique, but often light-hearted. Lázár was the best player in this line.
Sárosi commanded the forwards with another brilliant performance. Táncos seemed more agile than last season. Kémeny did not succeed against Táncos, but showed great talent. Toldi & Székely had a great day. First match at home
People were waiting for the first match which Fradi would have at Üllői-út. With the return of József Takács and the ground advantage, the public thought of an easy win against Szeged. Some mistakes made in the first match would not be repeated, at least, that is what the attendance expeteced. The last results between Ferencváros & Szeged reflected in a huge goal difference between the two teams, and, thus, that is what made up the head of many fans. — I've always had bad luck lately. I fell short of the record last year, but only because I didn't play in four championships. Now I had to give the other strikers a championship match again. They were not ashamed of themselves. Rök, I see he jumped! he scored five goals in two games. I have to hurry so much to catch up and leave the field. But now the Gyurka, besides, I think will really go. I can't wait to get used to it. Oh you understand your stuff, you know how to “expose” me. - Misi is in good shape. I say I have to hurry with desire. I'm left behind. irta: József Takács. Profibajnokság I., 2nd match - 10/09/1933, Sunday 17:00 Ferencváros FC - Szeged FC 2-1 (2-1) Place: Üllői-út, Budapest. Referee: Gellért. Attendance: around 5.000. Ferencváros FC Coach: Zoltán Blum. XI: Háda — Papp, Korányi — Laki, Móré, Lázár — Táncos, Takács II., Sárosi, Toldi, Kemény. Goals: Kemény(4min), Sárosi(23min). Assists: Toldi(4min).
With the first impressions, the season did not seem very confortable for Fradi. After some declarations of the club director, Mihály Pataki, József Turay, one of the best Hungarian players of that time, wanted to leave the club. His destiny ended up with the Hungária FC shirt. To replace his position, Ferencváros signed János Móré, from Bocskai, who was supposed to be a counter to Turay's departure. However, it was not everything, as zöld-fehér also saw key players such as Márton Bukovi and Vilmos Kohut leaving the club to play in France. To replace Kohut, Fradi brought the talented Tibor Kemény from their youth divisions. Ferencváros FC
Chairman: Béla Maillinger.
Director: Mihály Pataki.
Coach: Zoltán Blum.
Players(18): József Hádá — Lajos Korányi, János Hunyadi, Gyula Polgár, László Lajos Papp, Nándor Bán — Antal "Laky" Lyka, János Móré, Gyula Lázár, Lázsló Hámori — Mihály Táncos, Károly Rátkai, József Takács, György Sárosi, Géza Toldi, Béla Székely, Tibor Kemény, Sándor Barna. Géza Toldi, Fradi's best league goalscorer.
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