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In order to store the history of football, ARFSH(Archive. Football. Statistc & History) was create. On 23/07/2017, sunday, the projected started seeking only the statistics records of the best goalscorers. However, the projected got bigger, and, thus, expanded in a way that statistics were no longer enough. Then, on 13/11/2018 ARFSH(Archive. Football. Statistc & History) was created to be a macro archive of information.

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Best goalscorers in a year
Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 05/09/2019 | Last Update: 05/09/2019

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1.Lionel Messi201291691,31Argentina-
2.Gerd Müller197285601,41West Germany-
3.Joe Bambrick192982501,64Northern Ireland-
4.Jimmy Jones195780??Northern Ireland-
6.Joe Bambrick192874511,45 Northern Ireland-
8.Josef Bican194272302,40Czechoslovakia-
9.Alf Quill193772312,32Australia-
12.Frank Parsons194769282,46Australia-
13.Fernando Peyroteo193869332,09Portugal-
14.Cristiano Ronaldo201369591,16Portugal-
15.Ferenc Deák194668401,70Hungary-
16.Dr. György Sárosi193768401,70Hungary-
17.Fernando Morena197868??Uruguay-
18.Just Fontaine195866551,20France-
19.Fernando Morena197565??Uruguay-
20.Joe Bambrick193063411,53Northern Ireland-
22.Cristiano Ronaldo201263710,88Portugal-
23.Fernando Peyroteo194662??Portugal-
24.Gyula Zsengellér193862361,72Hungary-
26.Dixie Dean192762491,20England-
27.Ferenc Deák194861371,66Hungary-
28.Gerd Müller197661541,12West Germany-
29.Cristiano Ronaldo201461601,01Portugal-
30.Jimmy McGrory193160??Scotland-
31.Héctor Scotta197560571,05Argentina-
32.Cristiano Ronaldo201160601,00Portugal-
33.Túlio Maravilha199560640,93Brazil-
34.Lionel Messi201060640,93Argentina-
35.Refik Resmja195959232,56Albania-
36.Gyula Zsengellér194559371,59Hungary-
37.Lionel Messi201659620,95Argentina-
38.Jimmy Greaves196259??England-
39.Lionel Messi201159700,84Argentina-
41.Ferenc Puskás195058361,61Hungary-
42.Isidro Lángara193558381,52Spain-
43.Lionel Messi201458660,87Argentina-
46.Cristiano Ronaldo201557571,00Portugal-
47.Josef Bican194056262,15Czechoslovakia-
48.Gerd Müller197156511,09West Germany-
49.Harry Kane201756521,07England-
50.Gerd Müller197056580,96West Germany-
51.Ferenc Puskás194955381,44Hungary-
52.Dixie Dean192855??England-
53.Cristiano Ronaldo201655570,96Portugal-
54.Ally McCoist199255??Scotland-