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AC Sparta Praha - Húsvéti Torna 1927
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Húsveti Torna - 1st match: 14/04/1927, Thursday 17:30.
Hungária FC - AC Sparta Praha 3-3 (2-2)
Place: Hungária út, Budapest.
Referee: Julius Zwicker(Austria).
Assistant Referees: ?
Attendance: about 8.500.

Sent Off: -
Injury List: -

AC Sparta Praha
Coach: Václav Špindler.
XI: Hochmann - Perner, Steiner(c) - Hajný, Carvan, Rozvoda - Maloun, Moudry, Silný, Dvořáček, Horejs.

Goals: Silný(1, 21min[free kick]), Horejs(1, 44min) & Steiner(1, 79min).
Assists: Silný(1, 44min).

The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes:


Praised by the Hungarian media, AC Sparta Praha was quoted as one of the best teams in the world, if not the best. Sparta had a great team which had 6 players who thrashed Hungary in 24/04/2917. But this time, the Czech team would not play with Karel Pešek and František Kolenatý who were injuried.

"The Czech team is the favourite" - Hungarian media.

The team that was choosen to play against Hungária:

Hochmann - Perner, Steiner(c) - Hajný, Carvan, Rozvoda - Maloun, Moudry, Silný, Dvořáček, Horejs.

Reserves: Šíma & Paulin.

The Match:

"On Sunday and Monday, I'm convinced the team will play a much better match" - Emil Schwartz.

Hochmann was the best player on Sparta's side. The goalkeeper made great saves and had no mistakes in the goals which Hungária scored.

"Hochmann is a great goalkeeper" - Hungarian media.

Of the two defenders, Steiner played better. Fast, smart, whose plays are always useful. He has an excellent shooting technique, with the greatest praises of a beautiful goal. Perner was a bit violent and complained a lot.

The midfield was not in the same class which Hungária was. Carvan was not enough to stop Orth and neither was Rozvoda. Hajny produced the most and sent great passes to the forwards.

An player who cannot be stopped by the opponent. Sometimes, however, he forgot that a good pass is worth more than anything else and overdone. Maloun did not receive much great balls, but he still managed to do well when he had the ball. Horejs runs were just amazing, he could easily score his usual goals. Even without scoring, Dvořáček still had a good match. 

Húsveti Serleg 2nd match: 17/04/1927, Sunday 17:00. Ferencváros FC - AC Sparta Praha 3-1 (1-1) Place: Ültői út, Budapest. Referee: Gustav Kaufmann(Austria). Assistant Referees: ? Attendance: about 18.000. Sent Off: - Injury List: - AC Sparta Praha Coach: Václav Špindler. XI: Kaliba - Perner, Steiner(c) - Hajný, Carvan, Rozvoda - Maloun, Fleischmann, Silný, Dvořáček, Horejs. Goals: Silný(1, 16min). Assits: ?