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Leônidas da Silva - Campeonato Carioca 1938
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Campeonato Carioca 1938: 27/08/1938, Sunday 21:10.
Flamengo - Bangu 2-1 (1-1)
Place: Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro.
Referee: Loris Cordovil(Rio de Janeiro).
Assistant Referees: ?
Attendance: 14.319 $ 800.

Coach: Hilton Santos.
XI: Walter - Domingos, Marim - Médio, Fausto, Natal - Sá, Valido(Providente), Leonidas, Waldemar, Jarbas(Carlinhos).

Goals: Valido(1, 20min[header]), Leônidas(1, 64min).
Assists: Jarbas(1, 20min).


Flamengo had problems against Bangu. The "Rubro-Negro" team had a better first half, but could not turn their chances into goals. The first 20 minutes of the second were Flamengos minutes, but
, after that, Bangu showed great pressure.

Flamengo score the first goal of the match. Leônidas dribble a defender, passed to Jarbas who centralized the ball to Valido. Flamengo 1x0.

Even with great chances being created, Flamengo could not score more goals. Things got even worse when Jarbas, after a foul, attacked Pichim and got sent off. The police had to control the
whole problem, and arrested Jarbas. Carlinhos replaced him.

"Rubro-Negros" through Leônidas found their second goal. Waldermir sent a powerfull shot; The goalkeeper Francisco saved, but could not keeper the ball; Leônidas was smart and fast, and scored
Flamengo's second.

When Bangu were dominating the matc, Flamengo changed their attack. Providente replaced Valido, and Flamengo set their front line: Sá, Waldermar, Providente, Leônidas, Carlinhos, but it did 
not last long. After a few seconds, Providente suffered an injury, and had to leave the field.

Flamengo found their goals through Leônidas da Silva, but also had some other great performers. Fausto, Waldemar and Valido were also in great form.