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First Vienna FC - Mitropa Cup 1931
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Mitropa Cup, Quarter-Final - 1st match: 27/06/1931, Saturday 18:20.
First Vienna FC - Bocskai FC 3-0 (2-0)
Place: Hohe Warte, Wien.
Referee: Gustav Krist(Czechoslovakia).
Assistant Referees: ?
Attendance: about 8.000.

First Vienna FC
Coach: Ferdinand Frithum.
XI: Horeschovsky - Rainer, Blum(c) - Kaller, Hofmann, Machu - Marat, Adelbrecht, Gschweidl, Tögel, Erdl.

Goals: Gschweidl(2, 8min; 40min) Hofmann(1, 64min).
Assists: Tögel(2, 8min; 40min).

The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes:



Interviewer: "Noxy, I would like to ask you something else. What do you think about Bocskai match against Vienna?"

Noksi: "Against Vienna? I don't really predict a big future for Bocskai. Please, I know Vienna, Bocskai too. All parts of the Vienna team are better than Bocskai's. That's a cliff difference, please ... That iron defense and Gschweidl, this is the ideal controller! I think that Bocskai will lose by at least 3 or 4 goals"

The Match

After being Nationalliga I. 1930/31 champions, First Vienna FC started their run to win the Mitropa Cup. They faced Bocskai FC, a team with great players like Markos, Teleki & Vincze, but the last one did not play due to an injury.

"We did not see a big game from either side" - Hugo Meisl.

After a pass of Tögel, Gschweidl took the shot, and scored. The second goal came as an impressive goal scored by Gschweidl who received the pass from Tögel, dribbled Molnár and scored. After a corner kick taken by Marat, the players were fighint for the ball, but it came to Hofmann, and the centre half-back scored.

The First Vienna had an overall better team, but the entire team did not show a great performance. Only Gschweidl & Horeschovsky showed great football.

"Blum, Krist did not give us a penalty when Rainer made a bad tackle against Teleki" - Markos.

The defensive line was reported by having a regular performance by the Austrian media. On the other hand, the Hungarian media said that the 'Wunderteam' defense failed to do great. Horeschovsky was tested alot, but stopped the dangerous shots.

Kaller and Machu were the names of the midfield, but their game was rough. Hofmann, even with the goal scored, had a worst performance than the two other halves.

"Without Gschweidl, the game would have been 0-0" - Hungarian media

Gschweidl was far ahead of the other forwards. He was part of all three goals scored by First Vienna. His tricks, dribbling skills, plays were, alongside the saves of Horeschovsky, what gave the win to First Vienna.

"'Die Döblinger' owe the victory especially Gschweidl and Horeschovsky" - Austrian media.

"Vienna had a great player who performed miracles: Gschweidl" - Dr. Zempléni.

"In First Vienna, only Gschweidl and the goalkeeper played real football, but Adelbrecht, Machu and Kaller were incredibly harsh" - Dr. Mittelmann.

Gsehweidl was arguably the best player. As opposed to the old Gschweite, he now not only applauded the spectators with his technical tricks in the field, but also tossed the trick inside the area, bounced straight up the goal and ventured to risk the decisive shot. This is how the first two goals against Bocskai were born, but the third also included Gsehweidl, who was a prominent pillar of the Vienna attack.

Mitropa Cup, Quarter-Final - 2nd match: 05/07/1931, Sunday 16:00. Bocskai FC - First Vienna FC 0-4 (0-1) Place: Diószegi út, Debrecen. Referee: Gustav Krist(Czechoslovakia). Assistant Referees: ? Attendance: about 5.000. First Vienna FC Coach: Ferdinand Frithum. XI: Horeschovsky - Rainer, Blum(c) - Kaller, Hofmann, Machu - Marat, Adelbrecht, Gschweidl, Tögel, Erdl. Goals: Erdl(2, 64min; 88min), Tögel(1, 20min[8m shot]), Adelbrecht(1, 49min[5m shot]). Assists: Marat(2, 49min; 88min), Adelbrecht(1, 20min). The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes: "The best part of Vienna was the defense" - Hungarian media. The best of Vienna was Horeschovsky, who in the first half was mainly responsible for Bocskai not scoring. The two defenders, the famous Rainer-Blum pair, who stood rock-solid from the first minute to the last, played well. The half line no longer showed a smooth match. Hofmann was very good until the end, but Kaller missed him several times. Machu tried to neutralize Markos. After Vincze's injury had already paralyzed Bocskai's right wing, Machu was given an easy role. Gschweidl was far behind his most recent form in Vienna, but Adelbrecht, who was the best man on the line, played very well this time. Tögl and Erdl joined the score, but, in terms of general match performance, they did not produce much.