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Czechoslovakia - FIFA World Cup 1934
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FIFA World Cup Round of 16: 27/05/1934, Sunday 16:30.
Czechoslovakia - Romania 2-1 (0-1)
Place: Stadio Littorio, Trieste.
Referee: John Langenus(Belgium).
Assistant Referees: Raffaele Scorzoni(Italy) & Giuseppe Scarpi(Italy).
Attendance: about 8.000.

Coach: Karel Petrů.
XI: Plánička(c) - Ženíšek, Čtyřoký - Koštálek, Čambal, Krčil - Junek, Silný, Sobotka, Nejedlý, Puč.

Goals: Nejedlý(1, 67min[20m shot]), Puč(1, 50min).
Assists: Sobotka(1, 50min).

The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes:

In general, a weak match. Things did not start well for Czechoslovakia which suffered a goal before 15 minutes and had to completely change their game.

František Plánička, once again, saved the team with his greats saves. He was also there when Czechoslovakia needed him the most.

"Planicka was again the hero of the team" - Czech media.

The whole defensive line had a hard job before the interval. But even doing a weaker match compared to the one against England, they still managed to do great, especially Ženíšek whose precise tackles protected Plánička's goal.

The midfield was alongside the attack, the worst area of Czechoslovakia. Štefan Čambal was the worst of them, he still needed some more matches to get in form. Josef Koštálek had to defend against the best side of Romania and this took him out of other roles. But then Koštálek got even better as the time goes on. Both Čambal and Koštálek had a weak passing in the first half, their passes were imprecise. Krčil had a regular match.

"Koštálek had to stop the combo Bindea-Kovacs" - Czech media.

The forwards were weak in the first half. Only a few chances were created. But after the interval, Nejedlý, Puč & Sobotka gave the win for Czechoslovakia. Nejedlý was also part of the first goal creating its play. Nejedlý then scored a long shot goal giving Czechoslovakia the advantage. Puč was by far the best winger, his combinations with Nejedlý were the best part of the attack. Junek did not receive any help at all from Silný. But even with that, JUnek did not play a bad match. Sobotka had a tough opponent, which was Kotormany. But he still managed to help Nejedlý and to assist Puč. Silný was by far the worst forward, he almost vanished.

"Nejedlý and Puč were the best forwards" - Czech media.

FIFA World Cup Quarter-Final: 31/05/1934, Thursday 16:30. Czechoslovakia - Switzerland 3-2 (1-1) Place: Stadio Benito Mussolini, Turin. Referee: Alois Beranek(Austria). Assistant Referees: Youssuf Mohamed(Egypt) & Jacques Baert(France). Attendance: about 12.000. Czechoslovakia Coach: Karel Petrů. XI: Plánička(c) - Ženíšek, Čtyřoký - Koštálek, Čambal, Krčil - Junek, Svoboda, Sobotka, Nejedlý, Puč. Goals: Nejedlý(1, 83min), Svoboda(1, 24min) & Sobotka(1, 49min). Assists: Sobotka(1, 24min), Svoboda(1, 49min) & Puč(1, 83min). The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes: A great world cup match! After the 20th minute, Czechoslovakia found their game. Czechoslovakia & Switzerland player in a stadium which had a capacity of 75.000 viewers. But the match only had something around 8.000-12.000 viewers. "Czechoslovakia was a better team" - Czech media. The match started with Switzerland having more space than the Czech team. The great Czech goalkeeper, František Plánička, had to make great saves against the fast attacks which Switzerland had. But after a few minutes, the Swiss team scored the first of the match. The left side of Czechoslovakia then started to seek the equalizer. After a nice play by Nejedlý & Puč, Czechoslovakia got a corner. The ball was played to Krčil in the midfield, he passed to the attack which had Nejedlý & Sobotka playing the ball. Sobotka then assisted Svoboda. After the goal, Czechoslovakia were the top team again. Most of the attacks started in the left side. The combination of Nejedlý & Puč caused some damage to the Swiss defense. The second goal came only 4 minutes after the interval. Sobotka scored after a assist by Svoboda. "The result did not show what really was the match" - Czech media. Even with the two goals scored, Czechoslovakia had a great defense. They stopped the fast attacks which Switzerland had. Starting with Plánička who was again the hero of Czechoslovakia in the defense. The captain, Ženíšek, was the best defenders and one of the best players. The midfield was better than the first match. Delivering great passes and making on point tackles was the best midfielder of the match, Štefan Čambal. Josef Kostalek was not far behind from Čambal, he also had a great role in stopping the left side of Switzerland. Krčil was the weakest spot in the midfield, but in general, the trio did great. The forwards had better combinations than the first match. Svoboda was a way better choice than Josef Silný.
FIFA World Cup Semi-Final: 03/06/1934, Sunday 16:30. Czechoslovakia - Germany 3-1 (1-0) Place: Stadio Nazionale, Rome. Referee: Rinaldo Barlassina(Italy). Assistant Referees: Alois Beranek(Austria) & Pedro Escartin(Spain). Attendance: about 15.000. Czechoslovakia Coach: Karel Petrů. XI: Plánička(c) - Burgr, Čtyřoký - Koštálek, Čambal, Krčil - Junek, Svoboda, Sobotka, Nejedlý, Puč. Goals: Nejedlý(3, 21min; 69min[header]; 80min). Assists: Svoboda(2, 69min; 80min) & Puč(1, 21min).
FIFA World Cup Final: 10/06/1934, Sunday 17:30. Italy - Czechoslovakia 2-1 FH(0-0), SH(1-1), ET(1-0) Place: Stadio Nazionale, Roma. Referee: Ivan Eklind(Sweden). Assistant Referees: Louis Baert(Belgium) & Mihály Ivancsics(Hungary). Attendance: about 45.000. Czechoslovakia Coach: Karel Petrů. XI: Plánička(c) - Zenisek, Čtyřoký - Koštálek, Čambal, Krčil - Junek, Svoboda, Sobotka, Nejedlý, Puč. Goals: Puč(1, 71min). Assists: Čambal(1, 71min).