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Santos FC - Campeonato Paulista 1958
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Campeonato Paulista 1st: 16/07/1958, Wednesday.
Santos FC - Jabaquara AC 7-3 (2-0)
Place: Vila Belmiro, Santos.
Referee: Telemaco Pompeu.
Assistant Referees: ?
Attendance: ? (Toal Gate: Cr$ 311.890,00).

Santos FC
Coach: Lula.
XI: Manga - Fioti, Getúlio, Dalmo - Ramiro, Zito(c) - Dorval, Álvaro, Pagão, Pelé, Pepe.

Goals: Dorval(4, 40min, 50min, 61min, 73min), Pelé(2, 36min, 84min), Ramiro(1, 72min).
Assists: ?

The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes:

Santos FC had a great performance in this match. Their forwards had a good match with Pelé, Dorval and Zito being the best players. On the other hand, Santos defense were not secure of their tacleks and Jabaquara found the net 3 times because of it.

"It seemed that Santos would have a good result in the second half" - Brazilian media.

Santos started the match with better technique and better discipline. But they could only find their first goal at the 36th minute with Pelé scoring the first of the match. After the first goal, Santos ended the first half with a 2-0 win and then thrashed Jabaquara in the second half.

Campeonato Paulista 2nd: 20/07/1958, Sunday. Juventus - Santos FC 0-2 (0-2) Place: Javari, São Paulo. Referee: Francisco Moreno. Assistant Referees: ? Attendance: ? (Toal Gate: Cr$ 293.460,00). Santos FC Coach: Lula. XI: Laércio - Fioti, Getúlio, Dalmo - Ramiro, Zito(c) - Dorval, Álvaro, Pagão, Pelé, Pepe. Goals: Pelé(1, 20min), Pepe(1, 10min). Assists: ?