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Dr. György Sárosi - Mitropa Cup 1936
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Mitropa Cup Round of 16 - 1st match: 21/06/1936, Sunday 16:00.
Ferencvárosi FC - SK Slavia Praha 5-2 (4-1)
Place: Ülloi-út, Budapest.
Referee: Rinaldo Barlassina(Italy).
Assistant Referees: ?
Attendance: about 20.000.

Sent Off: 

Ferencvárosi TC
Coach: Zoltán Blum.
XI: Háda - Korányi, Papp - Pósa, Polgár, Lázár - Táncos, Kiss, Dr. Sárosi(c), Toldi, Kemény. 

Goals: Dr. Sárosi(4, 6min; 32min[free kick]; 35min; 83min[penalty]), Táncos(1, 5min[16m shot]).
Assists: Kemény(2, 5min[free kick] & 35min[corner]), Kiss(1, 6min).

#Goal Details:

Dr. Sárosi(1st: Left Foot); Dr. Sárosi(2nd: Right Foot); Dr. Sárosi(3rd: Header); Dr. Sárosi(4th: Right Foot); Táncos(1st: ?)

The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes:


Ferencvárosi FC had to face SK Slavia Praha with some changes. Papp would be the second defender and Polgár would replace Móré.


Ferencvárosi would face the young and talented squad of SK Slavia Praha. Since the FIFA World Cup 1934, played in Italy, the red-whities have renewed their squad. 

SK Slavia Praha: Plánička[32] - Fiala(c)[27], Daucik[26] - Prucha[21], Truhlář[23], Jezbera[25] — Horak[23], Vacek[16], Bradac[22], Kopecký[23], Vytlacil[24].

[Note]: Age of each player inside brackets.

The Czech team had a team age of 23,8 years. Slavia Praha were preparing a new generation of great players which would fight for even better positions in Mitropa Cup. The youngest player of the team was Bedřich Vacek, a player of the SK Slavia Praha amateur team. Vlastimil Kopecký travelled to play the FIFA World Cup 1934 in Italy, but did not actually play for Czechoslovakia.

According to the Hungarian media, the team from Budapest was not in their best form compared to the last edition of Mitropa Cup. Ferencvárosi would start like this:

Hádá - Korányi, Papp - Pósa, Polgár, Lázár - Táncos, Kiss, Dr. Sárosi(c), Toldi, Kemény.

Lyka and Móré would not play for the green-white shirt.

The Match


Ferencvárosi FC found their way of the net easily. In the first half, the match result was already 4-1 for Ferencvárosi. While in the second half, both teams scored a single goal each. Sárosi scored four goals for the home team.

"If Plánička was not in a great day, we could have score two more goals" - Dr. György Sárosi.


The defense had problems. Korányi was making the sames mistakes that he was used to. Papp could have been better. Sometimes Háda had to save them. The Fradi goalkeeper conceded two goals, but they were not defensible shots.


Posá was replacing Lyka and Polgár was replacing Móré this time. Some of the local media was unsure about these two substitutions which Zoltán Blum made, but it turned out that both played an excellent match. Polgár, surprisingly for the Hungarian media, had a great match while Pósa was the best midfielder. He had great connections with both wingers. On the other side, Lázár did not produce more after the first half.

"Ferencváros was better and faster. Sárosi was the best" - Adolf Fiala.

The forwards were on fire. Kemény assisted Táncos & Dr. Sárosi and was dangerous in the left side. Kiss also had a great match and assisted Gyurka in his first goal. Dr. Sárosi was the best player on the pitch. He scored four great goals and was even more skilled in the second half. Even not scoring or assisting, Toldi still produced well. 

Ferencvárosi would play Slavia Praha on June 26, Friday, in Prague. Fradi had a great advantage against the Czech team and would play the same XI.

"Great match! We deserved the win" - Zoltán Blum.

Mitropa Cup Round of 16 - 2nd match: 26/06/1936, Friday 16:00. SK Slavia Praha - Ferencvárosi FC 4-0 (2-0) Place: Stadion Letná, Prague. Referee: Dr. Adolf Miesz(Austria). Assistant Referees: ? Attendance: about 25.000. Sent Off: Korányi(After match). Ferencvárosi TC Coach: Zoltán Blum. XI: Háda - Korányi, Papp - Pósa, Polgár, Lázár - Táncos, Kiss, Dr. Sárosi(c), Toldi, Kemény. Goals: -. Assists: -. The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes: Pre Match THE COMEBACK IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE That was said by some of the Czech media. Slavia lost 5-2, but the second match would be played in Prague. Ferencvárosi played the same team which beat Slavia in Ülloi-út. "We don't consider it impossible" - Czech media. SK Slavia Praha had to scored 4 goals against Ferencvárosi to go to the quarter-finals. It was said that if Plánička was in a good day, then Slavia had great chances. The Match WEAK DEFENSE & INEFFECTIVE ATTACKS Slavia started their attacks, but Ferencvárosi could not do much against their strong wingers. Slavia ended up scoring two goals in a minute which gave the attendance a boost. The forwards tried to get a goal, but their attacks did not damage Slavia's goal. Toldi showed the be the spotlight of the team, but it was not enough to beat Plánička. A GENERAL WEAK PERFORMANCE Háda had a great match. If it was not for the goalkeeper, Ferencváros would concede way more goals. The defense was terrible, Korányi was having problems so Papp had to fix his problems and take care of the attacks of Slavia. The midfield did not have a good match, Pósa was failing, Polgár was good, but not enough to control the attacks of Slavia, Lázár was really well marked. "There must not be so many attacks without a goal" - Imre Salgó. The attack was not great either. Only Toldi was trying until the end. Kemény was really well marked by Vodička and could not have the same effect which he had in the first match. Kiss could not do much and Táncos also did not have good attacks. Dr. Sárosi was really well marked by Truhlář and just could show some dribbling skills, but did not actually damage Plánička's goal. THE COMEBACK WAS COMPLETED "Sensation in Mitropa Cup" - Austrian media. Slavia managed to eliminate Ferencvárosi in the last 10 minutes of the match. Fradi could not believe that their team lost to Slavia. A dramatic ending happened. Korányi had some problems with Vacek, the Slavia inside-forward. The public then went crazy and started throwing bottles. "We lost the match in 10 minutes" - József Háda.

After finishing the Nemzeti Bajnokság I 1935/36 as the top scorer with 37 goals in 21 matches for Ferencvárosi FC, Dr. György Sárosi started the Mitropa Cup 1936 as one of the stars of the tournament and one of the favourites to become the top scorer.
Sárosi, in 1935, led Ferencvárosi FC, with great performances, to the runners-up of the tournament. Fradi lost to AC Sparta Praha in the finals after having great matches and Sárosi being the top scorer of the edition. But in this time, the green-whites would face the runners-up of Státni Liga 1935/36, SK Slavia Praha.
Ferencvárosi played the first leg perfectly. Dr. Sárosi scored four goals against one of the best goalkeepers of all-time, František Plánička. After a great performance in Budapest, Ferencvárosi seemed to already be classified to the quarter-finals. The second match was supposed to not be a problem for Ferencvárosi, but it turned out to be a match to be forgotten. Dr. Sárosi saw his team being eliminated without doing anything.