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AC Sparta Praha - Mitropa Cup 1927
Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 05/07/2018 | Last Update: 10/08/2019
Total: Goals: 17 Matches: 6 Ratio: 2,83.. Goals in a match: 6 goals in a match: 1x 5 goals in a match: 1x 4 goals in a match: 0x 3 goals in a match: 1x 2 goals in a match: 1x 1 goal in a match: 1x Goals per phase: Quarter-Final = 8 goals & 2 matches. Semi-Final = 2 goals & 2 matches. Third Place = 7 goals & 2 matches. Victims(3): WSC Admira Wien(8), SK Rapid Wien(7), Hungária FC(2). Goals Scored & Conceded: Goals Scored: 17 goals. Goals Conceded: 12 goals. Players: [Note]: Counting only the players that played at least one match. František Hochmann - Jaroslav Burgr, Antonín Perner, Krel Steiner - František Kolenatý, Karel Pešek, Ferdinand Hajný - Adolf Patek, Josef Maloun, Josef Šíma, Josef Myclík, Josef Silný, Evžen Veselý, Josef Horejs.
Mitropa Cup: 14/08/1927: Quarter-Finals AC Sparta Praha - WSC Admira Wien 5-1 (3-1) Place: Sparty, Praha. Referee: Ferenc Gero(Hungary). Attendance: about 8.000. Coach: John Dick. AC Sparta Praha: Hochmann - Perner, Steiner - Kolenatý, Pešek(c), Hajný - Maloun, Patek, Silný, Veselý, Horejs. Goals: Veselý(2, 2min, 9min), Horejs(2, 47min; 52min), Maloun(1, 44min). The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes: "Sparta was better, but was not that great" - Austrian media. Admira Wien started the match slow, but in general they had a better first half, they just could not turn their chances into goals. Sparta was more effective with their shots. The team from Praha started dominating the second half when more spaces were found. AC Sparta Praha had a great match, they got a 2-0 lead in the first 9 minutes, but the result did not reflect what was the match. Admira could have scored more goals if it was not for Hochmann. The goalkeeper of AC Sparta Praha was of the best players alongisde the left winger, Horejs. The second goal was made by a play of Silný & Patek. Veselý received the ball and scored Sparta's second goal. The inside forwards & Josef Silný performed well. Steiner was affected by the terrain. The midfielders had a weak first half. Pešek started way better after the break. Kolenatý was the best in midfield. Hajný had nothing special, he executed some serius fouls which injuried Klima. Both wingers were great. Horejs helped a lot and scored 2 goals giving way more advantage to AC Sparta Praha. Maloun was also great. The man of the match would be for sure Hochmann.
Mitropa Cup: 21/08/1927: Quarter-Finals - 2nd match WSC Admira Wien - AC Sparta Praha 5-3 (2-0) Place: WAC-Platz, Wien. Referee: József Schlliser(Hungary). Attendance: about 17.000. Coach: John Dick. AC Sparta Praha: Hochmann - Perner, Steiner - Kolenatý, Pešek(c), Hajný - Maloun, Patek, Silný, Veselý, Horejs. Goals: Veselý(2, 73min, 79min), Silný(1, 48min). [Note]: 86min: Kolenatý was sent off. The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes: "Sparta was very bad, Admiras had a very good day" - Hugo Meisl. "Rough Match" - Hungarian media. Definitely not Sparta's day. The team had lots of mistakes, but it could have been more. Hochmann conceded 5 goals, but he played an good match. The goalkeeper saved Sparta one more time. "Every line failed. Except for Kolenatý" - Austrian media. "Were in good form: Hochmann, Kolenatý and Hajný" - Czech media. The best player was Kolenatý who played a great football controlling the team and having some great tackles. Almost everything that Patek tried he failed, but Horejs was the worst forward in the match. Silný scored a goal, but did not have a good match. Veselý gave Sparta their advantage(Counting the two matches), but in general, Veselý did not perform well, he made some mistakes. Perner had a good match, but Steiner was the best defender. "Bad match for Patek. Maloun was the best forward" - Czech media. "Even Hajný was better than Pešek" - Austrian media. Sparta's best player: Kolenatý.
Mitropa Cup: 04/09/1927: Semi-Finals Hungária FC - AC Sparta Praha 2-2 (1-1) Place: Hungária-út, Budapest. Referee: Eugen Braun(Austria). Attendance: about 16.000. Coach: John Dick. AC Sparta Praha: Hochmann - Perner, Steiner - Kolenatý, Pešek(c), Hajný - Maloun, Patek, Silný, Veselý, Horejs. Goals: Silný(1, 64min), Patek(1, 34min). The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes: "Perner's performance increased" - Hungarian media. "The most dangerous striker was Horejs" - Hungarian media. Really good match by AC Sparta Praha. Sparta had to adjust their defense against a strong team. It worked. The team of Praha had a good defensive match and also their forwards had a great match. "The most perfect was Kolenatý" - Hungarian media. "Pešek had a better match if compared to when he played in Wien" - Czech media. Kolenatý was the man of the match. Pešek was also really good, he improved a lot. The team conceded 2 goals, but the defense had a good match. The forwards also did great. Silný scored a goal, but was not the best forward, he only started performing well when the second half started. Both wingers did well and also both inside forwards.
Mitropa Cup: 02/10/1927: Semi-Finals - 2nd match AC Sparta Praha - Hungária FC 0-0 (0-0) Place: Sparty, Praha. Referee: Eugen Braun(Austria). Attendance: about 20.000. Coach: John Dick. AC Sparta Praha: Hochmann - Perner, Steiner - Kolenatý, Pešek(c), Hajný - Maloun, Patek, Silný, Veselý, Horejs. Goals: -. [Note]: According to Mitropa Cup rules, Kálmán Konrád could not have played. Because of that, Hungária was eliminated. The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes: "Hungária played better" - Karel Pešek. "Kolenatý was the best Sparta player" - Czech media. Hungária FC was a better team. Sparta could only dominate the match for the first 15 minutes, but after it Hungária had better plays and after the break, Hungária started way better. "Sparta played one of their weakest games" - Austrian media. The forwards of AC Sparta Praha were weak this match, only Maloun was good. The defense was solid and so was Hochmann. The midfield was the second best part of Sparta Praha. Kolenatý was Sparta's best player. Hajný had to help Pešek sometimes. Pešek was having some mistakes but defensively was good.
Mitropa Cup: 30/10/1927: Final AC Sparta Praha - SK Rapid Wien 6-2 (3-2) Place: Sparty, Praha. Referee: Raphaël van Praag(Belgium). Attendance: about 25.000. Coach: John Dick. AC Sparta Praha: Hochmann - Perner, Burgr - Kolenatý, Pešek(c), Hajný - Patek, Šíma, Myclík, Silný, Horejs. Goals: Silný(2, 33min), Pátek(2), Šíma(1 , 13min), Pešek(1, 1min). The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes: "Rapid were too weak for our defense. Their best players were Horvah, Wessely and Weselik" - František Hochmann. Could have been way more. Šíma, Silný & Patek had way more chances to score and give more advantage to Sparta, but in general, they were outstanding against Rapid's defense. The famous trio Kolenatý-Pešek-Hajný worked really well. Rapid's forwards could not pass against Kolenatý & Pešek. Kolenatý got some tackles and was always controlling the match and giving long balls to the forwards. Pešek was solid. Sparta's defense had no problems with the forwards. Hochmann made no mistake. "Burgr was excellent" - Hungarian media. One of the best players of the match was Josef Silný for sure. Silný was better when he played as inside forward. He created some good chances for Sparta and even scored 2 goals for them. "The best man of the winners was Kolenaty. Silny, Horejs and Patek also did great" - Austrian media. "Wonderful match by Kolenatý" - Raphaël van Praag. Sparta players were great. It difficult to chose only one player to be the best. The media of Austria & Czech reported that Kolenatý was the best player. The Hungarian media reported that Burgr, Silný & Pešek were the best players. "Silný led the forwards" - Hungarian media.
Mitropa Cup: 13/11/1927: Final - 2nd match SK Rapid Wien - AC Sparta Praha 2-1 (1-0) Place: Hohe Warte, Wien. Referee: Willem Eymers(Netherlands). Attendance: about 40.000. Coach: John Dick. AC Sparta Praha: Hochmann - Perner, Burgr - Kolenatý, Pešek(c), Hajný - Patek, Šíma, Myclík, Silný, Horejs. Goals: Silný(1, 82min). [Note]: 62min: Perner was sent off. The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes: "Weselik only scored when Kolenatý was injured" - Austrian media. "The forwards of Sparta were better" - Hungarian media. Hochmann conceded two goals, but had no mistakes. Kolenatý was marking Wessely every single time. Pešek was the worst midfielder & Hajný was the best of the trio. Šíma was the best forward in the match & also the best forward in general. "Silný's runs were dangerous for Rapid" - Austrian media. The midfield of Sparta like said before had a good match in general, they were technically great. Patek did good as a right winger, he showed some technique, but sometimes his dribbles killed the attack of Sparta. Sparta's defense was good. Perner was making some strong and unfair tackles, he got sent off. The best player of Sparta could be Šíma, Hajný or Hochmann. | | 23/07/2017