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Újpesti FC - Nemzeti Bajnokság I 1932/33
Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 10/08/2019 | Last Update: 10/08/2019
Nemzeti Bajnokság I - 2nd match: 28/08/1932, Sunday 17:00. Újpesti FC - Nemzeti SC 3-1 (0-0) Place: Megyeri út, Budapest. Referee: Kohányi. Assistant Referees: ? Attendance: about 2.000. Sent Off: - Injury List: Avar. Újpesti FC Coach: István Tóth. XI: Aknai - Kővágó, Dudás - Borsányi, Szalay, Víg - Farkas, Avar, Jakube, Kiss, P. Szabó. Goals: Avar(2, 75min[20m free kick]; 87min), Jakube(1, 48min). Assists: Kiss(1, 48min), Jakube(1, 87min). Corners: Újpesti FC - Nemzeti SC 1-3 The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes: NOT AN EASY MATCH! Újpesti FC played their second match of Nemzeti Bajnokság I against a team which gave them a hard time, Nemzeti SC. The first half ended up as 0-0, but, after the interval, the purple-white shirts managed to get their first win. "It was a very difficult match, but we deservedly won" - Ferenc Langfelder. STILL NOT 100% "Újpest had to fight fiercely for the victory" - Hungarian media. The team from Megyeri were still trying to find their best form. Újpesti's game still had a lot to improve. The defense was the best part of Újpesti FC. Aknai has no mistakes against Nemzeti's forwards. Dudás showed to be the best defender in this match. "Újpest has improved" - Hungarian media. The midifeld did not manage to do great. Szalay, even with him not showing 100% of his capacity, still had a nice game against the opponent's forwards. Borsányi was the worse half-back and Víg did not play a regular match. While the defense did a great job and all three midfielders were still not in great form, the forwards did not show much. Kiss was the best of them in the first half, but did not produce much in the second. Farkas still had a lot to improve. Avar scored two goals, but committed some awkward mistakes. P. Szabó & Jakube also were not in great form.
Nemzeti Bajnokság I - 3rd match: 04/09/1932, Sunday 16:00. Szeged FC - Újpesti FC 0-1 (0-0) Place: Szeged. Referee: Ferenc Majorszky. Assistant Referees: ? Attendance: about 2.000. Sent Off: - Injury List: Avar, Kiss. Újpesti FC Coach: István Tóth. XI: Aknai - Kővágó, Dudás - Borsányi, Szalay, Víg - Farkas, Avar, Jakube, Kiss, Kovács. Goals: Avar(1, 70min). Assists: Jakube(1, 70min). The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes: Pre-Match THE STAR PLAYS! Due to an injury suffered in the match against Nemzeti SC, István Avar did not train on friday, but Avar was still able to play on Sunday against Szeged FC. On the other hand, P. Szabó was replaced by Kovács. The Match WEAK PERFORMANCE... The last match showed a still not prepared Újpesti FC, but when things seemed to be improving, Újpest played an even worse match. "It was a football parody that we saw" - István Tóth Aknai did not conced any goal, but still had bad moments. Dudás was the best player on Újpest's side. He played an brilliant match. Kővágó had more effort than success. "Újpest's defense was the soul of the team" - Hungarian media. The midfielders were, once again, weak. The sided half-backs were playing a harsh match. Borsányi did not decide to play football. Szalay was barely visible. Víg was far from his old form. Újpest's forwards were probably the worse. Avar & Jakube, even with the first one scoring a goal and the second assisting, both played a pathetic match. Kiss was inert. Farkas did not produce much. Kovács was the only one who actually tried to play good football. "In our lineup, it was the only Kovács who still played football. However, in the second half, the team deserved to win" - Ferenc Langfelder
Nemzeti Bajnokság I - 4th match: 25/09/1932, Sunday 16:00. Újpesti FC - Bocskai 5-0 (1-0) Place: Megyeri út, Budapest. Referee: Árpád Klein. Assistant Referees: ? Attendance: about 2.500. Sent Off: - Injury List: - Újpesti FC Coach: István Tóth. XI: Aknai - Kővágó, Dudás - Borsányi, Szalay, Víg - Farkas, Avar, Jakube, Sáros, Kovács. Goals: Jakube(3, 10min; 85min; 89min), Avar(2, 55min; 66min). Assists: Sáros(1, 55min), Jakube(1, 66min), Avar(1, 89min). | | 23/07/2017